Shipping Via USPS Standard

The United States Postal Service, also known as USPS, is a postal service agency that holds the Monopoly in the United States. As of 2021, the company employs approximately 500k people.

Shipping Via USPS Standard

USPS Standard Shipping

Now let’s know something about standard shipping.

Standard Shipping is the most cost-effective shipping service, which is also known as economy, budget, or ground shipping, and is mostly used by the e-commerce field. The cost of the shipping depends upon the delivery distance, weight, and size. But while it is in the budget, it is slow, and now when Amazon and others deliver goods in less than a day for their prime members, this shipping is not very much welcomed in the new era. And this kind of shipping doesn’t give the customer a date to set for the delivery at their convenience.

Standard shipping takes five or fewer days by USPS, but international shipping can take weeks

Types Of Standard Shipping

  • Standard shipping with the united states postal service: there are two types of standard shipping services provided by the united states postal service.suspension of first-class mail and usps private mail
  • Whereas the first one allows only 1 pound of weight to be carried, the latter allows 70 pounds of weight.
  • Let me explain what first class mail provides. the customers provide the cheapest delivery in the usps for small items and are delivered in only 2-5 business days, with the ability to track your delivery. the usps also provides $50 insurance if something happens to the parcel.
  • Private mail:
  • USPS service for items under 70 pounds with delivery in 2-5 days and included insurance of $50 and tracking.

Standard Shipping Costs With USPS

So let’s say we want to ship some things that weigh around 3-4 pounds, so we will use private mail. There are three kinds of shipping by private mail, which are the normal one, which costs around 10 dollars, and the cheap one, which will take more days than the normal one, and the delivery performance of that service is also not good, but that is only 4 dollars, which is sufficient for the people who think 10 dollars is a lot.

Then there is the express delivery, which has a lot quicker delivery but is more expensive, and the performance is also good for this kind of service.

USPS Shipping Delivery Times

orders received by 8 am to 2 pm mountain standard time monday through friday will be sent the next business day, but after 2 pm the order will be sent the following business day.

USPS Domestic Delivery

If you have selected Standard USPS Delivery, it can take around 7-10 business days to deliver the package, and Standard USPS does not provide Live Tracking.

USPS International Delivery

 the international delivery will take around 30 days and once the delivery is out of the usa, then live tracking is not possible. if you haven’t received your parcel in 30 days, try contacting the local post office, and if it is not received, try contacting us.

About First Class Mail and Postage

  • mail is delivered in 1–5 days, and small packages are delivered in 1-3 days.
  • and up to 5000 usd in insurance depending on the merchandise
  • prices vary according to shape and size.
  • letters are of different types: stamps in rectangular envelope, standard size, starting at $0.58.
  • square, oversized begins at $0.88.
  • postcards are also of two types, where the standard starts with 0.40 and the oversized starts with 0.58.
  • large envelopes begin at $1.16.
  • small packages start at $4.
  • weight and shape requirements

The maximum weight allowed by first class mail is 3 ounces, and large first-class service provides a maximum weight of 13 ounces.

  • additional charges and out of their ordinary envelopes and mailpieces
  • nonmachineable envelopes

mail can only be shipped in rectangular size if it’s in an irregular shape like square or vertical, and using string buttons or rigid mails will be hand cancelled.

Envelops And Large Mailpieces

If a piece exceeds the maximum shape, height, weight, length, and thickness, then it will be charged at the next higher price category.

parcel prices are charged for large envelopes that exceed the shape, size, and dimensions and are not uniformly thick.

Domestic shipping restrictions

When you are shipping a letter or sending a package, you need to follow some guidelines.

The mailer must comply with the postal service regulations and US laws and regulations.

Items Prohibited In The Domestic

  • airbags
  • explosives
  • ammunition-like bullets.
  • gasoline
  • other illegal items like drugs.

Restrictions On Domestic Items

  • You can send these items if you follow the proper procedure.
  • Hand Sanitizers
  • perishable items
  • Nailpolish


These terms are terms of a contract between you and USPS, the shipping company, and as a customer, you will have to agree to them. They are safe between you and the company.

Shipping Via USPS Standard

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