Best Buy Return Policy Without A Receipt

You made a purchase at Best Buy because of its good reputation as one of the leading electronic retailers in the country. However, it turns out it’s not the item you wanted or it was damaged during shipping. Worse off, you can’t find the receipt. What do you do? See Best Buy Return Policy Without A Receipt.

Best Buy Return Policy Without A Receipt

Fortunately, you can return the item you purchased. If you can’t find the receipt, you will be required to provide the following information when returning the item:

  • Alternative proof of payment as evidence of your purchase, such as credit card statements or packing slips;
  • Valid identity card to register your personal information and to do a background check on your history of returns;
  • The item must be in good working condition; and
  • Original packaging and any accompanying accessories. It’s okay if you already opened it, repackage it as best as you can.

At their discretion, Best Buy may reject your return to prevent cases of return fraud if:

  • The item is damaged or dented;
  • Missing major accessories;
  • You do not have alternative proof of purchase;
  • Providing an invalid identity card;
  • The time frame for return has expired; and
  • The apparel has been washed, worn, or does not have its original tag.

How much time do I have to return the item?

You have a limited time frame to return the purchased item, depending on the kind of item purchased and the status of your membership. 

Below is a basic overview:

Membership Status

Activatable devices

Majority of products 


14 days

15 days

Best Buy Elite

14 days

30 days

Best Buy Elite Plus

14 days

45 days

Best Buy Totaltech 

14 days

60 days

Activatable Devices include cellphones, cellular tablets, mobile hotspots and cellular wearables.

Activatable Verizon devices have a 30-day return, regardless of membership status.

How can I return the item?

At your convenience, you may:

  • You can return the item to the store in person, with the requirements we have detailed above; or
  • Free shipping using Best Buy’s prepaid UPS shipping label. Print a prepaid shipping label from your online account and stick it on the package. Drop it off at an authorized UPS drop off location.

How will I receive my refund?

Refund time depends on the mode of payment when purchasing the item and your bank’s processing time frame. 

If you purchased the item through:

Credit Card or Gift Card

The refund will be directed to the card. If you no longer have the card, inform the store clerk or call 1-800-237-8289 with your order number. The refund will be directed to a new card of your choosing.

Cash payment

Best Buy allows you to receive cash as a refund for your returned item. 

However, if the purchase was above $800, they will send you a check via registered mail within 10 business days.


If you purchased an item above $250 with a check, you will be refunded by cheque within 10 business days. 

Store credit

With your return, Best Buy allows you to choose another item from the store. 

Which items can’t I return?

  • Final Sale – These are items that the store has marked for clearance. Their return will be rejected;
  • Opened Consumables – Return of such items as batteries, ink, cleaning agents, oils and fuels may be rejected due to fear that they may have been replaced with counterfeit items;
  • Digital content – The return of movies, games, and software may be rejected if opened; and 
  • Prepaid cards – Such as third-party gift cards, prepaid phone cards.

Which items require me to pay restocking fees?

A flat-rate fee of $45 is charged on all kinds of Activatable Devices. 15% is charged on restocking fees on the following items:

  • DSLR Cameras and lenses;
  • Drones;
  • Electric bikes and mopeds;
  • Special orders;
  • Projectors and projector screens;
  • Premium camcorders; and 
  • Leg and body recovery systems.

You are exempted from payment of restocking fees if:

  • You were a member of Best Buy Totaltech at the time of purchase;
  • The item is unopened and the purchase and return occurs in the states of – Alabama, Colorado, Hawaii, Iowa, Mississippi, Ohio, Oklahoma and South Carolina.

Can I return a gift I don’t want?

Yes. If you return it to the store, you will receive store credit and will be free to pick another item. The gift-giver will not know.

If you return it by email, the gift-giver will be notified and refunded on the card they used. Awkward, right?


If you want to return an item purchased at Best Buy but can’t locate the receipt, don’t panic. Ensure you fulfill their requirements and the item is in its original package, in good condition and accompanying accessories are intact.

Before accepting delivery of the product, confirm that it is in good condition. If not, contact the Best Buy customer care service as soon as possible. 

The return policy is at Best Buy’s discretion and they have a right to reject your item. This is to prevent any cases of return fraud.

Best Buy may amend the return policy from time to time.

Frequently asked questions

  1. What if my item has missing parts or is not in the original package?

Best Buy will deduct the cost of the missing parts and original package from your refund.

  1. Why do Activatable Devices have a fixed return date, regardless of my membership status?

Return policy on Activatable Devices is dictated by the manufacturer of the item, not Best Buy.

Best Buy Return Policy Without A Receipt

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