Is Revlon Cruelty free?

Modern consumers want to buy affordable products that are socially consciousness. The rise of social issues like global warming constantly making our newsfeeds has made the consumer more aware of the impact product on nature. Is Revlon Cruelty free? Read more.

Is Revlon Cruelty free?

Since Revlon’s 1932 establishment, it has continued its expansions through the decades.
In 1989, they officially replaced their animal tests with non-animal cruel alternatives. In hindsight, this was not meant to last as the company became public on the New York Stock Exchange whilst obtaining approval to manufacture in China in 1996.

Is Revlon Technically cruelty-free in America?

Revlon walks on an ethical tightrope when it comes to animal testing. At first glance, one would have a simple answer that they are cruel free, because they are associated with PETA for over two decades. However, since they are a conglomerate business operating in different world territories, they amended their animal testing policy by stating that they only test “if it’s required by law.”

According to Revlon’s animal testing policy it stated that they as a company do not test on animals but regulatory authorities in some countries have different healthy and safety requirements, so those bodies test their products on animal. Revlon co-operate and comply to ensure their products meet the safety standards of that country. It states that the company has not guilt in the mater as they are following the laws of the land in operation. America may have laws put in place against animal testing, but the products may not be manufactured in America.

This means that technically the American division of Revlon does not test animals. The company’s headquarters are found in New York where executive management drives principles and policies within the rest of the company across the globe. Therefore, executives should know about testing on animals within its company on other division which leads to the question whether the company should be guilty by association.

Are you guilty by association?

If a company is associated with any animal testing directly or indirectly during the manufacturing and distribution of their products, then the answer is no. One of Revlon’s major factories are found in China which requires by law to test its products on animals on foreign cosmetics. This association has led to PETA removing Revlon from its list of cruel-free company list in 2012.

Therefore, if you purchased a Revlon product that states on its packaging that it “Made in China” then you are also supporting animal cruelty. If you did not know about the testing on rabbits for your lipstick, then one would forgive you for your ignorance. However, if you continue to buy the lipstick after discovering the information then your purchase indirectly tells the company that you do not care how it’s made.

Therefore, if a company or you knowingly purchase a product made in China knowingly that they test of animals then you yourself are guilty through association.

What can the consumer do?

Revlon does not work with moral principles, but on ethical business principles.  Ethical business practices respect the values that employees and consumers give company to ensure that the business is fair with in its operating terror. Morally, it lowers the importance of animal’s lives when it comes to the economy. Other companies like Paul Mitchell and Cover Girl do not distribute in China out of moral principle. You as a consumer can use your buying power by:

Boycott Revlon products

Revlon competes in a highly competitive industry and tries to maintain its monopoly in the industry by acquiring various brands and products. This does not mean you as a consumer are pigeon-holed into purchasing only Revlon product. The competitive state of the industry allows the consumer to have more choice allowing you to leave Revlon products behind.

Purchase alternative, cruelty-free cosmetic products

It’s as simple as a Google search, however the competitive nature of companies may lead you down a rabbit hole of marketing which can lead to confusion, or uncertainty. PETA has reputation of being a vigilant watch dog, so they are considered extremely reliable when it comes to companies’ treatment of animals. They compile and update a list of cruelty-free cosmetic companies, found on their website.

Buy stocks

You can take PETA’s approach. Buy stocks in the company as a shareholder the company, by law, must be transparent in its practices to its shareholders. Their goal would be to have enough shareholders to pressure the company into going cruelty-free methods in testing.


Revlon balances on a technicality in America, but the company itself is still guilty as they monetarily support animal testing in some countries for profit. Modern consumers have become more consciousness of natural world and understand that there will be effects if companies like Revlon are checked on the morality of their business practices. Modern consumers who wish to push cruelty-free cosmetic products also understand their buying power.

Is Revlon Cruelty free?

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