Does Chanel accept affirm?

Is Coco Chanel one of the luxury brands that you have been dreaming to see yourself in for the longest time? It is probably taking you too long to accumulate the amount of money that will cover the costs of that luxurious item that is driving you crazy. Find alternative ways to make purchases and payments on credit besides Affirm. Does Chanel accept affirm?

Does Chanel accept affirm?

This luxury brand desired by many women unfortunately does not directly accept Affirm as a payment option. The Chanel boutique itself does not accept Affirm, however if you buy from different online websites, you might just find yourself the best buy. Online shops offer you many ways to make payments for your designer items including affirm. More details to come regarding payment options at Chanel and the reliability of Affirm.

What is affirm?

Affirm is a financial credit service that enables consumers to purchase items they need and allows them to pay later. It is an alternative to the ordinary credit card that provides consumers with different repayment methods and if you come in lucky, o% interest rates. 

How does it work?

Affirm allows you to pay in a way that is suitable to your budget including :

  • 4 instalments fortnightly
  • Monthly instalments

Affirm charges you an APR ranging from 0% to 30% depending on your credit purchase. However, you will not be obliged to pay more interest than what you have agreed on. 

Payment options accepted at Chanel

Chanel accepts payment via Credit Cards including MasterCard, American Express, Visa and it also accepts international credit cards from various different countries. Stick around to learn more about payments made through Affirm for your luxuries at Chanel.

Where to purchase Chanel on credit?

As an alternative option on buying your lavish bags, perfumes and accessories on Credit from Chanel, rather buy from Vestiaire Collective to receive Affirm as your payment method. However Vestiaire Collection sells preowned designer products but at a lower cost than the original. Second hand designer at a much smaller price. The best thing about this online shop is that they even have a vintage section for those that have a taste for vintage. You receive great value for your money. 

Another website where you can purchase Chanel merchandise using Affirm is The RealReal. It offers you a range of authentic Chanel items including dresses, coats, and jackets at a great price. The catch with these online shops is that they sell preowned luxury merchandise but at a very great price. There are many other online shops where you can find your desired Chanel items on credit and have the luck of having Affirm as your payment method.

Visit the official Chanel website to find out more about payment options accepted and to also to compare the prices of the original luxury designers and the designers sold at other online shops. 

How to make payments via Affirm?

  1. Do all your shopping(be it online or in a physical store). You should be able to find affirm as a payment option at the checkout screen for participating stores. 

Note: When shopping in store, you might have to request a virtual card for the purchase in the Affirm app or website which is only valid for a one time use on a purchase. 

  1. You will want to choose your payment method [monthly instalments or 4 interest free payments fortnightly]. The payment method is in your hands as you get to choose one that is suitable for your budget. 
  2. Finally, make the payment. Set up an account that will enable you to make sure that you pay on time to avoid having your credit messed up.

Do not hesitate to head over to the Affirm website to receive more information on this credit service. Also visit the retail stores that allow you to purchase Chanel using affirm to browse through what the luxury brand has to offer. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I create an Affirm account?

Affirm only requires your name, e-mail, phone number, birthday and Social Security Number to help you create a safe and secure account that you can use to make your day to day purchases or even much bigger purchases.

  1. Are there any hidden fees with Affirm? 

Affirm does not have any hidden fees. You will be informed if there are any interest rates that you are required to pay. 

  1. What can I do if I pay with Affirm then I need to return my purchased items?  

Affirm will provide you with a refund in your account after the returns have been logged and processed. But if there was any interest charged, it will not be refunded.

  1. Does Affirm affect my credit score? 

Affirm uses soft credit inquiry  when you create your account, but it does not affect your credit score. 

Does Chanel accept affirm?

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