Dollar General Termination Quitting Policy

Dollar General Termination Quitting Policy

In this article, we will see Dollar General Termination Quitting Policy.

Dollar General Corporation, based in Goodlettsville, Tennessee, operates as a convenience store chain in the United States. Dollar General is widely regarded as the best neighborhood general store in the United States.

With over 17,000 handy, easy-to-shop shops in 46 states, they strive to make shopping simple and economical. Products ranging as food, snacks, health and beauty goods, cleaning supplies, basic clothing, housewares, seasonal items, paper products, and much more may be found everyday, affordably low costs coming America’s most trusted brands and products, as well as high-quality private brands. Dollar General is known for its convenience, high-quality merchandise, and low costs. Dollar General’s mission is to make shopping as easy as possible. They build small, neighborhood boutiques with carefully curated goods assortments to make shopping easy. They don’t carry every brand and size; instead, they focus on the ones that customers want.

Termination And Quitting Policy

Employees who steal, fight a customer or another employee, are intoxicated, defame, fail to execute obligations regularly, commit fraud, or violate the Dollar General code of conduct may be fired, according to Dollar General’s termination policy.

Criteria For Termination

The Employment Agreement contract at Dollar General lays forth several reasons why an employee could be fired at any time. This covers, but is not limited to, the following items:

  1. Any act of fraud or dishonesty, as well as any major act of misconduct in the performance of Employee’s duties;
  1. Any significant breach of any law, rule, or Company policy governing stock, security, public debt instrument, bond, or investment trading or dealing, as well as any improper disclosure or “tipping” of any stock, security, public debt instrument, bond, or investment;
  1. Any violation of the current version of the Company’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.
  1. Engaging in any conduct or making any public comment that jeopardizes or lowers the good name and position of Company or any of its affiliates, or that would bring any of these into public contempt or ridicule unless otherwise authorized by law;
  1. Attending work while inebriated or being found in possession of any drug or substance are both criminal offenses.
  1. Assault or other violent act
  1. Conviction of a felony or misdemeanor, or a guilty or no-contest plea to a felony or misdemeanor that would disqualify you from employment under the Company’s hiring policy; or
  1. Employee’s repeated or deliberate refusal to perform substantially all of his or her obligations and duties under this agreement, including those lawfully directed by Employee’s supervisor, the CEO, and/or the Board.

Unless otherwise negotiated, Dollar General also provides a termination upon death clause, in which the corporation claims no duty to the deceased’s dependents.

Criteria For Quitting

Employees have the right to leave their jobs at any moment and for any cause. Dollar General’s policy, on the other hand, requires that a “Good Reason” for termination be provided with the employee’s notice for them to receive all of their promised pay and benefits before their job expires. Employees at any employer are entitled to any unclaimed vacation money, but they must leave on good terms to get it. 

A “good reason” for quitting employment may include any of the following actions endorsed by the company:

  1. The employer reduces the employee’s base wage or target bonus level.
  1. As a result of plan changes or terminations that affect at least 95 percent of all Company officers or 100 percent of officers in the same grade level across the board.
  1. If the Company’s key executive offices are moved outside the middle Tennessee area, the employee is obligated to be based somewhere other than the Company’s primary executive officers.
  1. Without Employee’s written consent, significantly reducing the title, powers, and functions associated with Employee’s position, title, or office as a result of restructuring or realignment of duties and responsibilities for business reasons, leaving Employee at the same rate of Base Salary, annual target bonus opportunities, or other compensation.
  1. Failure to abide by the agreement, by the Company.
  1. Any successor to all or substantially all of the Company’s business assets who refuses to agree to perform the agreement in the same manner and to the same extent as if no such succession had occurred.

In general, it is best to leave a job with dignity, giving the employer a proper notice period (usually a minimum of two weeks) to begin making the required replacement arrangements.

An employee also has the right to depart at any time and without notice. If they do so, they risk losing a positive reference in the future and jeopardizing their future career goals inside the company.


Dollar General has a dedicated termination and resignation policy that defines the procedure of employment termination and the rights that both the employer and the employee have in such a situation. 

Dollar General Termination Quitting Policy

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