Are Door Dash And Instacart The Same Company?

Here we will see about the Are Door Dash And Instacart The Same Company

Shopping is one thing and shopping online is another. One major issue for shoppers is choosing the right platform that fits their needs whether it is Doordash, Ubereats, or Instacart. Making that choice is a proper concern to be addressed as we do below.

Are Door Dash And Instacart The Same Company

Doordash and Instacart are different companies. Whilst Doordash deals majorly in food ordering and delivery service as founded by five college students namely Tony Xu, Stanley Tang, Andy Fang, and Evaan Moore, Instacart deals in grocery shopping and delivery by a personal shopper, it was founded by Apoorva Mehta in 2015. 

Although Doordash and Instacart are very similar in the services they render to the public. Some of which include 

  • They are delivery service companies. They pick up and deliver to their customers’ location
  • They both use technology to take orders. Using a Website and a mobile application.
  • Doordash and Instacart both have offices in the US. Instacart however has an extension of its services to Canada 

 There are intrinsic differences between the two companies. If you want to know more about these, follow the conversation below.

The Differences between Doordash and Instacart

Here are some important differences between Doordash and Instacart:

  1. Delivery Product
  2. Delivery Style
  3. Logo
  4. Mode of Operation
  5. Administration

Delivery Product

On one hand, Doordash provides an opportunity for consumers to order/pick up food from their favorite restaurant and have the food delivered to their desired location. Apart from food, it also extends its pick-up services to nearby grocery and convenience stores. On the other hand, Instacart offers grocery shopping and pick-up services. It extends its pickup services to pharmacies and even meals provided it is a local store or restaurant registered under its program. The difference is that their major delivery products are not the same.

Delivery Style

Dashers, the name used to refer to doordash delivery personnel, can use any means of transport including a car, a bike, a motorcycle, or even by foot depending on the acceptable vehicle types in their location. Orders are made either on the Website or the App. Instacart shoppers deliver the same day except where there is an increase in the purchase of groceries, for example during the pandemic. Shoppers in Instacart use vehicles to deliver purchases.


Seeing that Dashdoor and Insacart are different companies. Here are the different logos used to identify them below.

Instacart logo

DoorDash Logo                                

Mode of Operation

The Mode of communication with customers differs between Instacart and Doordash because their delivery items are different. Instacart has a feature on its app that allows a customer to interact with his/her shopper while a purchase is ongoing. This gives the customer the privilege to make alternative decisions if his/her order is not available exactly as expected. The same applies to Dashers and their customers, the difference being that interaction is usually based on food delays or other issues at the restaurant and there are no automatic options like Instacart has.


If there is any way these two delivery companies differ this is the obvious difference. Doordash, as we had indicated earlier, was founded by four Stanford students. It currently has a board of directors including Tony Xu, Shona Brown, Stanley Tang, Andy Fang, Alfred Lin, etc. Instacart has Apoorva Mehta as its founder as executive chairman with Fidji Simo as its current CEO and other names such as Barry Mccarthy, Daniel Sundheim, etc.

How useful are Instacart and Doordash’s services?

Instacart and Doordash services are very useful. Because food is an essential part of survival for man. It’s preparing, purchase, delivery that leads to consumption are all important processes that finalize at the consumer’ Table. Whether during a pandemic requiring a quarantine or a free environment, people would need food and these companies allow them to meet that basic desire.

Are Instacart and Doordash legitimate companies?

Yes, they are. Although Instacart extends its services beyond a singular country’s borders (the USA and Canada), it has proper registration both in the US and Canada with the legal name Maplebear Inc. d/b/a Instacart. Doordash is also a registered legal institution in the US, Subject to sue and is sued.

Do Instacart and Doordash use delivery apps?

Instacart and Doordash’s major form of delivery is via their website and/or mobile applications. On their official website, Doordash when describing who they are, refer to themselves as “a technology company”. This goes to show that technology is at the heart of Doordash and even Instacart’s vision. They both have their mobile applications on the Google play store available for free download.


Both Doordash and Instacart are different companies because they have different administrators and have different focus delivery offers, However, they have a lot of similarities being delivery institutions and offer very essential services that have become widespread beyond their founding locations.

Are Door Dash And Instacart The Same Company?

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