Is Sprouts Better Than Trader Joe’s?

Here we will see about the Is Sprouts Better Than Trader Joe’s?

It’s no secret that Sprouts and Trader Joe’s are among America’s favorite grocery stores. But, are Sprouts better than TJ’s? Does one grocery store have an edge over the other? Let’s find out. 

For many consumers, Sprouts is a better grocery store than Trader Joe’s because it offers a wide selection of high-quality products. Trader Joe’s has been a go-to store for some customers for their competitively priced organic healthy options despite being more of a niche grocery store.

To determine if Sprouts is better than Trader Joe’s, we’ll evaluate each under various factors.

Sprouts vs. Trader Joe’s

Is Sprouts Better Than Trader Joe’s?


Trader Joe’s deals directly with suppliers to reduce the products prices. As a result, consumers benefit from the savings. Trader Joe’s doesn’t hold occasional sales promotions or saving events since customers enjoy competitive prices every day. 

Sprouts has fairly priced products but is relatively more expensive than Trader Joe’s. Even so, some products such as organic meat are better priced at sprouts than Trader Joe’s.

Quality/freshness of products

Sprout claims that 90% of its products are natural. Additionally, Sprouts always sells fresh products direct from local farms and are never frozen. You can also find gluten-free items at Sprout if you’re allergic to gluten.

The perishable items at Trader Joe’s are not always fresh, and it’s best to go shopping early in the morning before they all sell out. Foods sold at Trader Joe’s, such as meat, are not organic and may have been treated with antibiotics before being harvested.

Brands variety/ options

Trader Joe’s has such a limited offering of brand items. The store mostly sells healthy foods like fruits and vegetables and some snacks. But TJ’s stands out with its unique, new products that may not be found in other stores.

Sprouts, on the other hand, has pretty much everything you might need from groceries, bulk foods, frozen food to household goods, as well as prepared foods. With TJ’s extensive selection, you can expect to cover all the bases from a single store.

Quality/freshness of products

Although Sprouts offers a wide range of products, they ensure that each is of the highest quality. Meat at sprouts is, for example, processed in the stores, meaning you get high-quality products consistently. 

Trader Joe’s also sells high-quality products, but some such as meat may not meet the standards of stores such as Sprouts. So, if you were to shop at TJs, you should pass on the produce. It’s good that TJ only sells a few brand-name products, which means they have all the time to focus on quality.


1.Sprouts builds stores in areas where it’s highly convenient for many shoppers. Their vast range of products also adds to the convenience for customers.

2.For its friendly customer service and provision of new and occasional items, Trader Joe’s is also a convenient niche grocery store to shop from. However, TJ’s stores may not be found in unconventional places like in the case of Sprouts.

How does the Customer Experience at Sprouts and TJ’s compare?

1.In addition to treating its employees well, Trader Joe’s focuses heavily on customer service. Shopping at Trader Joe’s is more of an experience than just a grocery store visit. To ensure that customers get the best products, Trader Joe’s sources products worldwide.

2.Sprouts has a lot of products stocked, but you won’t get as much attention as you would at TJ’s. This doesn’t mean your requests can’t be met on request.

Which Store is Better to Work at? Sprouts or Trader Joe’s?

According to, Trader Joe’s offers a better and safer working environment than competitor stores such as Sprouts. There’re better health benefits and compensation at Trader Joe’s and senior management encourages employees to be productive. 

Please note that these ratings represent some personal opinions and don’t necessarily mean that Sprout’s employees’ working environment is poor. 

Which is cheaper: Sprouts or Trader Joe’s?

According to, Trader Joe’s prices are 18% lower than other stores such as Sprouts selling comparable products. 

Although Sprouts is still among the cheapest 6 grocery stores in the US (, you’ll save some money shopping at Trader’s Joe. 


For everyday shoppers looking for high-quality products in a wide variety, Sprout is better than Trader Joe’s. However, to get the most out of your Sprouts store, you need to change your mindset that you’ll get all organic and entirely budget-friendly products. 

In case you need to fulfill your grocery shopping needs on a budget, Trader Joe’s is the better choice. To sum it up, it’s true that Sprouts is better than Trader Joe but only from the standpoint of the vast selection of products and enhanced quality.


What are the top things to buy at Trader Joe’s and Sprouts?


  • Bulk items such as grains, dried fruits, coffee beans, and nuts
  • Healthy snacks such as chomp meat, meat sticks, and oven-baked cheese bites
  • Ready to cook or already prepared foods
  • Salad from their large salad bar
  • Beer and wine
  • Health and body care products

Trader Joe’s

  • Organic foods such as milk, beans, yogurt, and cereals.
  • Meat labeled organic
  • Special dietary products such as vegan and gluten-free items
  • Wine for its competitive price

What should I not buy at Trader Joe’s and Sprouts?

For Trader Joe’s, you should avoid meat not labeled as organic, seafood, frozen sides, vitamins, rice, organic milk, some cereals, and snacks.

You can literally buy anything at Sprouts as 90% of their products are organic. The store sells fresh produce that’s never frozen.

How much do Sprouts and Trader Joe’s pay per hour?

According to, Sprout pays employees an average of $13.99. However, the actual pay depends on the role, with a courtesy clerk cashing around $10.47 and bakery managers $17.14. 

On the other hand, Trader Joe’s pays employees $18.43 an hour, with cashiers getting around $12.86 and assistant store managers cashing around $20.08.

Is Sprouts Better Than Trader Joe’s?

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