Goat Return Policy Decoded

Here we will see about the Goat Return Policy Decoded

Not satisfied with your latest purchase from GOAT? Received sneakers that do not fit your foot or apparels that do not match your expectation level? Well, why not return it and buy something worth the money? You can easily do it, provided that your shipped item is in a perfect state. Here is a detailed guide to the GOAT return policy, that would make the return process a bed of roses.

Goat Return Policy Decoded

General Terms and Conditions For Goat Return Policy Decoded:

  1. 1.The return process has to be initiated within 3 days of receiving the item.
  2. 2.The item must be in perfect condition, with no damage, no creases, no sole wear or debris (for sneakers) and all the original tags must be intact including the packing slip. Do not forget to attach the RETURN Label which you receive from GOAT via email.
  3. 3.The return process can only be initiated through the GOAT app simply by tapping on “REQUEST RETURN”

Steps to initiate the refund process:

Step 1-Pack the product which you want to return, with extreme care and caution. Do not squeeze it as that might cause some damage to it, fold it just the way it was when delivered at your doorstep .GOAT’s evaluation process for returns is quite firm ,so make sure that you leave no room for rejection.

 Step 2-Open your GOAT app, log in and simply tap on ‘Request Return’. Once the request is received from their end, an email would be send to you which would provide you a ‘return label’. Make sure you do not forget to attach it with your item as NO product is evaluated for return without this ‘return label’.

Step 3-The product that is to be returned can either be dropped off at GOAT drop off locations(which are unavailable as of now) or it can be directly shipped to the following address:


3600 South 16th street

Milwaukee, WI 53221

United States

Step 4-Once your item is accepted by them, GOAT will deduct the shipping fees and then you will get a refund in the GOAT credit card which can only be used in- store. Unfortunately, GOAT does not give the opportunity to take the cash out and use it elsewhere.

Gentle reminder, you would be asked to pay a particular amount of shipping charges, be it for getting the product delivered to your home or for getting it returned back from your home, as that is the policy that GOAT follows.

Refundable and Non-Refundable Products Of Goat Return Policy Decoded:

GOAT accepts returns on New In Box, New No Box, and GOAT Clear. Items listed as Final Sale, Vintage or any other special items are not accepted for any kind of refund.

What to do if my return is not accepted?

If your return is not accepted, GOAT will let you know that via email. In that case you can choose any one of the two options mentioned below ,

Option 1-Let GOAT activate the Listing of the returned product on your behalf.

Option 2-To have them sent back to you.

 You would have to pay the shipping fees again if you decide to go with the second option for getting your product delivered home after not being accepted for return. However, if you do not respond to their mail within fourteen days, your item would automatically be listed at the price you paid for it. Later, you can change the price by logging in to the GOAT app.


GOAT items can be returned within 3 days of receiving it provided that the product successfully passes the stringent evaluation criteria. The merchant is not very liberal with its return policies as GOAT is the middleman operating between seller and buyer. This also makes ‘cash returns’ a difficult and cumbersome process for GOAT, hence that concept of GOAT Credit.So, even if your return is smoothly accepted, you have to spend your Goat Credit exclusively in-store. Nothing to worry about, as GOAT is trusted by many and is well known for prioritizing quality over anything else.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. 1.How long does the GOAT return process take?
  2. The return process typically takes 1-7 business days from the day of receipt.
  3. 2.My product was listed as Final Sale, can I return it?
  4. Products listed as Final Sale, Vintage, Sample ID, custom, pre-release, GOAT storage items, and other special items are not accepted for return under the GOAT Return Policy.
  5. 3.My sneakers were not accepted for return and I forgot to respond to their mail on time, what to do now?
  6. Since you have not responded to the mail, GOAT will automatically list your sneakers on sale at the price you paid for it on your behalf, if the item is sold then you would be paid an amount according to their fee policy.
Goat Return Policy Decoded

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