Does Lowe’s Charge To Install a Storm Door?

Here we will see about the Does Lowe’s Charge To Install a Storm Door?

Every person on this planet wants to accommodate in a safe place. To achieve this security a person is willing to spend without comprising on the quality of the security services. Storm doors enhance the security level of a person’s home by performing numerous security functions. Storm doors act as an obstacle for burglars and intruders and reduce the chances of being theft and other criminal activities.

Lowe’s Charge To Install a Storm Door?

Lowe’s is one of the most reputed brands in providing door installation service. On average, Lowe’s charges $300-$850 to get a storm door installed that including labor force charge and supplies cost. However, accurate prices depend upon multiple factors such as material quality, supplies requirements, and labor force. A client may have the opportunity to avail discount if a client purchases a storm door online or during a seasonal discount or sale period. 

What Different Charges Are Included In The Installation Charge? 

The storm door installation process is a proper procedure that involves numerous other services and the client is required to bear the charges. Below mentioned the services along with their respective charges:


This is the first step in a door installation procedure. An installer will visit the client’s home to take the door space measurements. The storm door is going to replicate this door space hence it’s very crucial to take the accurate measurement. The client is required to pay somewhere between $30-$50 as measurement cost

Door variety:

Lowe’s offers varieties of doors to clients. The cost of the door depends upon the quality of the preferred door. The cost of the door can go as low as $124 and can go up to $324-$817 per unit

Door materials:

Lowe’s offers storm doors made up of varieties of raw materials. Some of the materials include wood, steel, fiberglass, and aluminum. However, Lowe’s charges more to install steel and aluminum doors as compared to wooden doors. A wooden storm door can be as low as $124 while a steel and aluminum door comes with a minimum price of $264 and $281 respectively

Indirect or supplies charges To Lowe’s Charge To Install a Storm Door?:

Indirect charges incurs at the time of installation to avail additional services such as to make simple changes in an existing shape or to paint

What Are Some Additional Expenses Related To Lowe’s Charge To Install a Storm Door:

While installing a storm door, a client has to pay a few additional expenses too. These additional expenses are mandatory to make the base stronger and durable. The below table mentions details of these additional expenses;

Additional Expenses While Installing Door
Casing replacementTo conceal the construction gaps between the frame and drywall$80-$100
Structural changesStructural changes are mandatory if the contractor requires to go through the supporting walls$100-$150
New door frameIn case, the new door doesn’t fit in the old frame, the client is going to need a new frame $8-$16/ SF
Waterproof layer and sealingTo protect the home from mold, moisture, and unfriendly weather conditions$80-$200
Door disposalLowe’s charges some amount for disposal of existing door$30-$40

What Time Does Lowe’s Take To Install a Storm Door? 

Lowe’s has employed technicians who hold years of experience and expertise in installing doors and other home improvement products. These technicians, on average, take 2-5 hours to get a storm door installed. However, there could be an increase in this time limit, the time limit can vary as per the customer’s requirements. The installer requires additional time if the storm door casing needs to be replaced, and a new door frame is required. 

How Reliable Is Lowe’s With Storm Door Installation?

Lowe’s has been contributing for decades to make America’s houses more secure and beautiful. Lowe’s has maintained excellent goodwill in terms of delivering perfect door installations including storm doors. The majority of the clients who have availed a storm door installation service from Lowe’s are satisfied with the delivered service. Lowe’s is known to install varieties of storm doors. Lowe’s labor force or installers are professional in fitting services. In addition, Lowe’s offers one year warranty that makes Lowe’s even a more reliable brand. 

Lowe’s offers numerous categories of home improvement products on its platform including storm doors too. Hence it offers various discounts too. Below mentioned a few discounts that are offered by Lowe’s along with details;

  • Seasonal discounts: Lowe’s offers up to 20% discount on almost every product
  • Sale: Lowe’s offers sales on its products on account of some special occasions
  • Military discount: Lowe’s offers a military discount to military veterans that offers a 10% discount on almost every product. However, military discount can’t be combined with any other discount or coupon

What Different Payment Methods Are Accepted By Lowe’s?

Lowe’s accepts multiple payment methods. A client is free to pay the bills through the below-mentioned methods;

  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • In Form of Cash 
  • Lowe’s Gift Cards
  • Lowe’s Credit Card

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is Lowe’s military discount offer? 

Lowe’s offers a 10% discount to military veterans who are serving or have served in US armed forces. Military veteran’s spouses are also eligible to get a military discount. However, this military discount can’t be combined with any other ongoing discount. 

2) Are Lowe’s services expensive to avail?

Every brand has its quality of delivering services. Some of the clients find Lowe’s a little more expensive on some things while some of the clients find Lowe’s a little cheaper on some things.

3) Does Lowe’s offer a warranty after installation?

Yes, Lowe’s offers a labor warranty that includes one year of protection after installment. In addition, the door brand also offers a warranty against the product. 


Lowe’s is America’s most trusted brand in terms of the home improvement industry. Lowe’s offers multiple discounts and varieties of products to their clients. A client has multiple payment options. Most of the Lowe’s clients availed storm door installation service, are satisfied and recommend Lowe’s to others. It offers a one-year labor warranty that makes the brand trusted. Lowe’s offers all types of other services that are related to storm door installation procedures. Lowe’s is a giant in the American market that aims to create safer and more beautiful homes. 

Does Lowe’s Charge To Install a Storm Door?

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