Old Navy Return Policy

Here we will see about the Old Navy Return Policy

One of the best feelings a person can have is to receive a gift. The only problem is when that gift is not our style, our size, or our color. Sometimes it happens and, thankfully, we have shop return and exchange policies to save us and exchange that gift for something that we really like. 

Old Navy Return Policy

Old Navy is one of the stores with a very convenient return policy. As long as the item is not worn or washed, you can return it 45 days after the purchase. Items with a defect and be permanently returned without exceptions. The only exception to the return policy are items on the final sale rack. These items are not exchanged by the store or online and cannot be returned. 

In-store and online exchanges

Whether you buy the product on the physical store or online, Old Navy guarantees the exchange of the product. You can exchange a product bought online in the store or you can mail it back, although it takes some time until they find the purchase. However, it is important to note that in-store purchases may not be done by mailing back the product. For products purchased over 45 days, it will be upon the discretion of the manager of the store if the exchange will be done, although most of the time the size and color exchanges are allowed


Refunds can be done for both purchased items or for received gifts. However, you will need, for purchases, the confirmation e-mail and the original credit card used for the purchase. For received gifts, the refund will be done through a gift card, redeemable in any store with the amount of the purchase price. If you do not have a gift receipt, a merchandise certificate will be received by mail in the amount of the current selling price. The refund generally takes 3 to 5 business days to be credited to the credit card and about 1 to 3 days to be credited to the debit card.

Email invoice

A smart decision from the person who is buying in the Old Navy store is to always accept the invoice through email service. This guarantees you will have the receipt and that it will be easy to find in case you need to make an exchange for something other than size and color.


Whether you are making the exchange in the store or through e-mail, Old Navy will generally require an identity card with a photo to make the exchange. They track your exchanges and, in case there are too many without a receipt, they can ban you from future exchanges.

Step by step for returns

The invoice received after a purchase has the step by step to return an item by mail. However, on the online portal you can place your order number and your email and they will guide you on a step-by-step process on how to make your delivery.

Holiday returns

For holiday returns, Old Navy has a 90-day policy. Items purchased online or in stores between October 24th and December 24th may be returned by January 15th, or 45 days after purchase, whichever is later. The same is valid for online products.

Is there any cost to make the exchanges or returns?

There is no cost for shipping an item to be exchanged or returned. The company makes it easier by sending a shipping back label in the case of a return, which is totally free.

How long do I have to return or exchange a product I bought or was gifted?

Within 45 days of purchase.

Do I need a receipt or a gift invoice to make an exchange?

Not usually, as long as the product is unworn and unwashed, you can exchange it. However, for returns and refunds, the receipt will be necessary in most of the cases.

Can any product be exchanged?

No. Items on final sale cannot be exchanged, this includes all face masks. Swimwear also needs to be with the hygienic liner and the original price tags still attached. 

It is easy to say, therefore, that Old Navy has a very generous return policy, sometimes even accepting purchases after 45 days, depending on the store manager. However, be aware that you might be stuck with store credit after this period and that a receipt is most of the time required. Be sure to always have the receipts or gift receipt with you to make the exchanges and do not use or wash the item prior to taking it to the store or sending it back. Remember to always make the exchange or return as soon as possible, so that you do not lose your right to do so within the policy period. That being said, good shopping to you!

Old Navy Return Policy

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