Dollar General Return Policy

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When it comes to Dollar general, customers have a vast variety of merchandise on offer govern at affordable prices. Shoppers have a wide array of products from which they can choose. But, what if the customers are unsatisfied with the products? Can the products be returned? Read more Dollar General Return Policy

What is the Dollar general return policy?

The policy of Dollar general says that you will have to return the products within 30 days. Even if the items are purchased from the store or online, you will have 30 days to return the items purchased. At the time when you are returning the purchased products, make sure that you have the receipt of purchase. Once you return the product, you can either receive a full refund or you can get the refund amount on the gift card.

Keep reading if you want to receive more information and details about the Dollar general return policy and what are the criteria that need to be fulfilled.

How can you return a product at the Dollar general?

There are different return policies for the items that are purchased either online or at the store. If the customers have purchased an item in the store, they will have to return them in the store itself. The funds will be processed in the register by a person working in the store. If the customers want to return the product, then they will have to first contact the customer service of the dollar general store. Then the customers will be given the instructions to return the item and will also receive a Unique return Authorization number. After this, they will have to put the item in the original packing or any other secure packaging. Then they will have to add their order number along with the name of the bill and the address with the item. Lastly, they will have to ship the product to the address given by the customer service. If you would want to know more, you will have to check out the online return details and information on the website of Dollar general. Remember that refunds on online items cannot be received at the store. 

How long can you take to return the item at the Dollar general?

The website of Dollar general says that the customers will have 30 days to return the products they purchased online. The orders will be returned only if they are in good condition. There are instances where the customers took 90 days after the purchase to return the item.

Can the product be returned without providing the Dollar general receipt?

Yes, you will have to give the receipt if you wish to get the full refund for a return from Dollar general. If the receipt is not been provided, then the employees at Dollar general will be unable to give your refund on the original payment method. 

Even if you lose your receipt, you can still return the products at the Dollar general store. In the case where you are unable to give the receipt for the product, then you will get the refund amount on the gift card of Dollar General. You can also be given an opportunity wherein you can exchange the item with another product that has the same or a bit lesser value.

Can you return used products at Dollar general?

As long as the product is in a good condition and working condition, you can return the used product that you have purchased from the store or online through the website. If they are in a condition to be returned, then you must also provide the product with its original packaging along with its paperwork, parts, and accessories. You will be denied a refund if you attempt to return the used product if it is not in a working condition or is found without its original packaging. The chances to return a used product are high if you have purchased it from Dollar general itself.

How can the damaged or defective items be returned to Dollar general?

You will have to contact the customer service of Dollar general within 30 days of delivery if the product comes defective from the Dollar general website. You will be issued a refund and you will be able to cover the return shipping charges. You can contact them on 877-463-1553. You will have to give the order number and item number of the product. Thai details will be provided to you in your confirmation email. 

Can gifts be returned to Dollar general?

Yes, gifts can be returned to Dollar general even if you haven’t purchased the product yourself! Instead of a full refund, store credit will be issued instead of getting a full refund. It will be issued to the person who has purchased the item.

The majority of items will be accepted to be returned as far as they are in good and in working condition.

Dollar General Return Policy

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