Does Target Sells Nike Products?

Does Target Sell Nike?


When it comes to shopping, we want only top-notch and trendy items. Moreover, we choose brands that we trust and have a keen preference range. With so many options and variety, shopping is not easy. Therefore, we choose between brands and those brands define our shopping. Be it groceries, shoes, clothing, or accessories, brand loyalty is a big deal when it comes to shopping. The cherry on the cake is when your brand is found at your favorite store. Let’s talk about an all-favorite: Nike. We will tell you whether Target sells Nike products in this article.

Does Target sell Nike? – An Overview

Target seems to be the ideal place to shop for all you need. For most general shopping and browsing, Target is a widely chosen store. So does Target sells Nike products? Not really, rather not anymore. Read on to understand more about Target. Also, find in this article what Nike products Target sells if any.  

About Target

Gifts, groceries, hampers, all are said to be found at Target. Whether it’s the hot wheels set of 6 or a pack of noodles, Target has got you covered! Being one of the largest retail corporations in the world, it tends to all your needs. Right from essentials to existing products, name it and they have it! That’s not all, Target focuses on quality. To give you the best at the minimum price is their aim. They are always on the lookout for exciting ways to boost your shopping experience with discounts, offers, rewards, and more!

Is Nike available at Target?

Let’s get to the main part. Does Target even have Nike at its stores? In a way, yes. However, there is no longer a wide range as used to be. One can go back and remember that Target’s sole aim is quality with cost-efficiency. Due to this mission of theirs, they had to let go of all the major and mainline Nike products. 

Nike was fixed on selling products at its fixed prices to equalize the same with the craftsmanship of the makers. Moreover, Nike wishes to continue selling their range of products more around their own physical and e-stores. Therefore, as of 2021, Target has taken a step back from selling Nike products. While they continue to sell products of other popular brands like Reebok, they have significantly reduced Nike’s products. 

While there is just a handful of products from Nike available at Target, it may be that these are left of the stock and are not solely Nike and in the mainline range. 

Nike wants to maintain their identity as well as professionality. This is also a reason why they’re reducing the availability of their products with general stores like Target. It doesn’t seem ideal to be selling branded costly products. Neither is it advisable to sell such highly -well-created masterpieces for a lower price than what they should be. Moreover, Nike prefers keeping its signature style and high quality intact and therefore decided to focus on the main stores’ collection. Therefore, Target also took a call to shift their focus to remaining brands. 

Nike Products at Target 

As mentioned there are a handful of products available at Target. However, its present availability is not assured. This may be dependent on the remaining stock, orders, extremely high demand, and other factors. Here is what you will find from Nike at Target:

  • Books 

Although not a Nike product, there are a variety of books on the whole Nike journey available at Target. If you’re headed to find out more about the brand and understand their backstory, head out and try their range of books at Target.

  • Range of Apple watches 

The new range of Apple smartwatches is available in limited numbers at Target. However, these are available only at a selected few stores. The Apple watch from Nike as well as the Apple Sport Loop from Nike again, are available at Target. 

  • Watch accessories 

Lastly, a variety of accessories for the range of smartwatches mentioned above are also available at Target. For instance, Target has a few watch loops and bands available for adding to the look of your Apple watch.


Target does not sell Nike products anymore. However, a few selected products are available in limited numbers at a few stores. There are other brands’ products that Target sells namely iCanvas, Apple, Puma, Reebok, and many more. Shop for any of these at Target. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for Nike products, try the nearest Nike store near you or even log in to their official website. 


  • Does Target sell merchandise based on Nike?

Just a few. Since Target has discontinued the selling of Nike products at its stores, there is a lesser number of products available. There are products based on Nike though. However, just a few of those too. There are canvases available on Nike designs in limited stores. 

  • Is there any Nike clothing available at Target?

Not anymore. Target now no longer sells clothing, shoes, or any other products from Nike. However, there are other brands available at Target like Reebok, Aventura, and more. 

Does Target Sells Nike Products?

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