Buying Apple products on amazon

Here we will see about the Buying Apple products on amazon

Somewhere in our life, we all want to buy an apple product as it never goes out of trend. But before spending a ton of money, one needs to be very sure of where to spend it. We get very confused in terms of what to buy, is it the newest watch or that phone, maybe that MacBook, it is very difficult to choose one and leave the others. And apart from that, the comparisons on different websites and not being able to choose one!

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Buying Apple products on amazon

Buying anything on amazon is very trouble free, it’s like a go-to website. Amazon has never had a problem with any of these things whether its return policy, money refund etc. so buying any Apple product is quite easy and hassle free as not only it’s easier but it also gives products on reasonable EMI. Whether you want to make the payment in full or get it on EMI, it is as easy as doing a child’s work.

Steps to buy Apple Product on Amazon:-

  1. Open the app and go the search bar
  2. Search for “apple products”
  3. Tap the filter option and click what you want to buy
  4. Narrow down the color, brands, models, etc.
  5. Click on “buy now”, add address and make the payment.

To-do things while buying Apple Products:

Make a list of all the things you want. Or if you’re confused about what to buy and what not, you can make a pros and cons list of that particular product. Now search it on the bar. Once you’ve got all of the options on the screen, you need to tap every one of them and look at the specifics of the model. Check if it fits your needs. You can also check if that is the color you want which is being shown on the screen. Also you need to take care of the fact that it doesn’t succeed your budget limit.

Is it safe to buy from Amazon?

Yes, it is very safe to buy from amazon, as it provides the original model of the products. As it straightforwardly buys it from apple. Earlier there were complaints about its products, like the air pods bought by amazon resolved it very soon and emerged as the toughest competitor in online marketing.

Can you buy the newest apple release from Amazon?

They don’t get the products right away after it has been released. But there is always a notice under the new release product, which says, “coming soon” or “notify me”, so that you’ll be notified as soon as the product reaches amazon. But if you really want to hop on the trend and buy the newest edition, you can pre-book it on apple’s website.

Why is it comparatively cheaper than on the apple website itself?

Amazon buys apple products at a wholesale price so when they sell it to customers, they not only sell it at a lower price but also earn profit for themselves too!

Comparison between the Apple website and amazon:

On one hand, it’s a bit cheaper to buy from amazon, whereas from the apple website, you get a whole variety of colors and models. Actually all of the models and colors ever existed.  Also there are subscriptions to the products you buy from apple, whether its apple TV plus or any other thing. Apart from this, there is also an option of student/employee discount which is exclusively present on Apple’s website. You’ll also get a more visual and at the same time more in-depth factual details about the product on the actual website as it is their own production so they try to be creative and attractive with the visual details. 


You can close your eyes and trust amazon blindly on this if you want to buy apple products or any expensive product. 

Related questions:

  1. Is it safe to pay the money online?
  2. Yes it is safe and even if anyhow it shows that your money has been debited but the purchase is not made, no need to worry, you can call the customer service and they’ll resolve your query right away.
  3. What if there is any defect in the product?
  4. You can return the product and they will give you a brand new product without any extra money. Also, the warranty policy is the same as on the apple website.
  5. What is the return period?
  6. It’s 30 days but before buying you should make sure about the return and refund policy.
  1. In how many days will the refund come?

The refund, after the product is taken away by the delivery partner, will reflect in your account in 3-5 business days. If, just in case, it takes more than that, you can contact customer service.

Happy shopping!

Buying Apple products on amazon

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