Does Mcdonald’s Accept Apple Pay?

Introduction To Mcdonald’s Accept Apple Pay Payment

Here we will see about the Does Mcdonald’s Accept Apple Pay.

Apple pay is a mode of payment at all McDonald’s outlets in the United States and all over the world. It was adopted as a form of payment as early as 2014, and though there were a few criticisms surrounding the decision, several years down the line, it seems to be working fine.

Does Mcdonald's Accept Apple Pay

McDonalds adopting Apple pay as a mode of payment is a very feasible decision, seeing as there are now over 1 billion iPhone users and about 30,000 McDonald outlets in the world.

Note that if you’re in the United States, McDonald’s will only accept Visa debit or credit cards that are linked to your iPhone. The best part about using Apple Pay is that you don’t pay any extra fees(unless, of course, your bank charges you for overdraw).

It’s fast, secure and convenient, just like using your debit/credit card.

Setting up Apple Pay 

If you’re not conversant with this mode of payment, don’t fret. It’s one of the simplest payment methods out there. All that you need is an iPhone/iWatch and your debit card connected to your iPhone wallet app. If you have an iPhone, congratulations, it means you are familiar with this. If you aren’t familiar, then let’s get into how it’s done.

First off, you need to properly connect your card to your device, like I mentioned earlier. To set up your Apple Pay wallet, all you need to do is open the wallet app, click on the “+” button on the top right corner, take a picture of the card or input the details manually.

Remember, if you’re in the US, McDonald’s will only accept Visa credit/debit cards.

After setting up your card on the app, you’re done and ready to use it at your favorite McDonald’s outlet or any other outlet that Mcdonald’s accepts Apple Pay payment.

Different methods of using Apple Pay at a McDonald’s outlet 

Whether you’re ordering from the drive-through or the main store, the process is the same.

Double tap the power button on the right side of your phone(the same one used in turning your phone screen on and off). If done correctly, this should launch the wallet app, and you’ll see an image of the card that you’ve previously linked. 

Next, you need to use the payment terminal. All you have to do is hold your phone screen a few inches from the terminal. If done appropriately, your payment will be processed and your card will be billed. Amazing, right?

If you’re using Apple Pay at a drive-thru, the process is also similar to using it at the main store. All you have to do is give the worker your phone to process the payment, or have them hold the payment terminal outside the window so you can scan your phone through it. Other than that, it’s still the same stress-free and convenient process. 

On the other hand though, if you’re using an iWatch, the process is similar, yet slightly different. All you have to do is launch the wallet app, by double tapping the button on the right side of the watch, enter your password when prompted, hold it over the payment terminal until the payment is completed.

The process is also the same if you are using the drive-thru. Just have the worker hold the payment terminal outside the window while you scan, or you give them your watch. Easy-peasy!

If you’re using the McDonald’s mobile app, all you have to do is log into the app, select your local restaurant, order your food and add to cart, then proceed to checkout with the items in your cart. After choosing delivery or pick-up time, you choose “Apple Pay” as payment method, pay and wait or go pick up your food. Simple!

General concerns To Mcdonald’s Accept Apple Pay

There might be some concerns as to whether it’s safe to pay with Apple Pay. The truth is, Apple Pay is as safe as it gets. As long as you apply the same precaution as you’d apply when using a physical card, then it’s pretty safe. 

Another upside of using Apple Pay is that there are no limits as to how much you can spend, unless your bank places any limit on your card, or you have insufficient funds. Like I said earlier, there are also no extra charges.

Also, if you have any difficulties using it during checkout, you can ask a worker to help you out. If you encounter any technical issues while using the app, you can always reach out to resolve any further issue or go to your bank if the issue is from your card.


All in all, Apple Pay is a very convenient mode of payment, and you can use it at pretty much any McDonald’s outlet/drive-thru in the United States and all over the world. There are no limits, no fees, and it’s fast, safe and convenient too.

Does Mcdonald’s Accept Apple Pay?

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