Does Target sell dry ice?

Here we will see about the Does Target sell dry ice?

Target is home to a variety of general goods and merchandise. It provides a one stop shop for all your daily needs including groceries, furniture, apparel, toys, and party supplies.

Does Target sell dry ice?

Is dry ice available to purchase at Target?

Unfortunately, dry ice cannot be purchased at Target. Dry ice may be commonly used for the preservation of perishable food and beverages or special effects. Dry ice can however be dangerous if not handled properly thus only a select number of general stores in the USA sell dry ice.

Luckily dry ice is not impossible to come by and can be safely used by the public to create impressive effects at celebrations.

Dangerous aspects of dry ice

Differing from normal ice, dry ice consists of a solid form of carbon dioxide (CO2). Dry ice releases CO2 gas that is poisonous to humans if exposed to large quantities. CO2 is always present in our atmosphere, but it only becomes a safety hazard when there is insufficient ventilation and abnormally high levels of CO2 present.

What are symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning to be aware of while working with dry ice:

  • 1.A dull headache 
  • 2.Blurred vision 
  • 3.Fatigue
  • 4.Dizziness
  • 5.Confusion and irritability
  • 6.Nausea
  • 7.Breathing difficulties
  • 8.Fainting
  • 9.Brain damage 
  • 10.Death
  • Any other flu like symptoms

High levels of CO2 are extremely dangerous for pregnant woman and may have severe effects on the unborn infant.

Uses of dry ice

The medical industry

Dry ice is a cheap solution to keep medical samples, organs, and medical supplies cold for an extended time.

Dry ice is frequently used instead of liquid nitrogen for minor surgeries including the removal of warts and other skin imperfections.

Shipping and preservation of food

Dry ice is commonly used by the food industry to ensure freshness while shipping. Food supermarkets and restaurants also readily use dry ice to keep produce from expiring. 

General uses for the public

In a household setting dry ice is frequently used for special effects at parties. Dry ice can be used to create clouds of vapor or fog. Simply add a chunk of dry ice to a container of warm or boiling water. The fog can be recharged by adding more dry ice as the previous chunks melt.

Where to find dry ice?

Homemade dry ice

Dry ice can be made at home using common household items.

Materials needed to make dry ice:

  • A CO2 fire extinguisher (make sure it is labelled as containing carbon monoxide)
  • A cloth bag
  • Heavy duty gloves

Making dry ice

  1. Put on the heavy duty gloves to protect your skin
  2. Put the nozzle of the fire extinguisher into the cloth bag
  3. Secure the nozzle by using the glove on your hand to clamp around the nozzle. Do not leave any holes open 
  4. Discharge the fire extinguisher into the bag
  5. Dry ice will start to form in the bag
  6. When satisfied with the amount, turn of the fire extinguisher 
  7. Shake the bag gently to ensure no dry ice is stuck to the nozzle of the fire extinguisher
  8. You can then use your dry ice. Dry ice will sublimate quickly and can last longer if you freeze the bag


  • Do not ingest dry ice
  • Do not touch dry ice with your bare skin
  • Do not seal dry ice in a sealed container as dry ice causes pressure and can burst
  • Keep dry ice away from pets or small children

Where to Buy Dry Ice

Even though dry ice is not sold at Target there are a number of other supermarkets that stock dry ice.

Dry ice can be bought in various sizes at stores.

Stores that stock dry ice: Walmart, Kroger, Costco, Safeway

(Some individual stores may not sell dry ice so be sure to contact your local supermarket to ensure they do sell dry ice )

Dry ice can also be bought online through: 

Dry Ice Delivered                

  They ship to any location in the USA and the ideal place to purchase large quantities of dry ice.

Amazon While Target may not sell dry ice there are countless other ways to procure dry ice for all your household needs.

Why does Target not sell dry ice?

As previously discussed dry ice can be extremely dangerous if not handled properly and to stock dry ice extra resources will be needed to keep employees and customers safe.

The demand for dry ice may also not be high enough to excuse the cost of selling it.

Dry ice has to be stored in high quality freezers to prevent deterioration. The cost of maintenance, storage needs and danger of stocking dry ice may be too high for Target to cover.

How to find dry ice suppliers near you?

Try contacting your local large retail store and asking if they sell dry ice. Also, keep in mind some stores consider dry ice a seasonal product for Halloween and may not stock dry ice of season. The link below will redirect you to a large dry ice website that can indicate what stores near you carry their products .

Does Target sell dry ice?

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