Does Costco Accept Goodrx? 

Here we will see about the Does Costco Accept Goodrx? 

Well, Costco deals in a lot of things from furniture to medicine, it has everything covered. However, Costco always takes care of your budget and provides you with products at the most reasonable price. But if you still want to save on your monthly expenses, then it would be a relief to you, that yes it does accept Goodrx coupons. Just like Amazon and many other online retail stores, Costco is a retail store, who is growing its reach every preceding day.  

Does Costco Accept Goodrx? 

 Well, one thing better about Costco is that it may provide you with products at a cheaper price. No doubt it is the fifth-largest retailer in the world. As of now, it’s not available in countries like India, since it’s looking for local partners. 

What is Goodrx? 

GoodRx is a healthcare company that keeps a track of your prescriptions and even provides free coupons to get your medicines at a discounted price. One thing that a person never compromises on is health and sometimes that instinct ends us up paying more for the particular medicine. This is what Goodrx takes care of. It doesn’t let you pay more for the same medicine by comparing prices between various pharmacy stores.  

Not only does it compare prices for you but it also helps you get your prescriptions at a cheaper price. How can it do that? That’s simple and easy. It provides you with free coupons. The free coupons it provides work both ways – online and offline. All you need to do is show the coupon at the store and you can get the medicine for a discounted price. 

Now the real question that comes to the mind of a Costco user is that does Costco also accept these coupons? Well, the answer to this question is yes. The question that precedes this is how? 

What is Goodrx Gold? 

Before we jump onto the question of how, let us first get through with Goodrx. Another service that Goodrx provides is Goodrx Gold. GoodRx Gold is a premium plan introduced by Goodrx which includes a monthly fee of $5.99 for one person and a fee of $9.99 for up to six members. 

GoodRx Gold is much better than the basic plan in saving money and providing coupons and provides you monthly coupons that basic plans members do not have access to. The monthly $9.99 plan also includes your pets. So you do not have to pay extra even for your pets. The premium plan gels with Costco too. Clearly, the premium plan has a win over the basic plan in terms of services. 

How to use Goodrx coupons at Costco? 

GoodRx is easy to use and gels both ways, be it online or offline. To use the coupons at Costco, all you need to do is follow the steps and you’ll be good to go: 

Step 1: First you would need to find the coupon that will suit best with your prescription from the Goodrx website or app. 

Step 2: Then present the coupon code at the Costco store and then checkout. 

Step 3: Be sure you verify the price before you checkout as sometimes in-store prices differ from the online price. 

Follow the above steps and then you are good to go. Plus, there is no limitation on coupons and you don’t even need to follow any sort of eligibility criteria for the same. 

Does it gel with Goodrx Gold? 

Yes, some Costcos do accept Goodrx Gold and they work the same way as the standard Goodrx coupons. But it is always better to double-check things, and I would advise you to verify first and you can do that by contacting Costco Customer Services. 


To sum this all up, Goodrx coupons are your best options to save on your monthly subscriptions. Costco and GoodRx completely complement each other in the best way possible. Together they can help you save big on your monthly prescriptions. GoodRx Gold is even a better option since it provides a lot more coupons than the basic plan and it completely gels with the Costco stores. But even if doesn’t, you can go ahead and double-check with the store.  


Q. What if the Goodrx Coupons don’t work at the Costco store? 

Ans. Well, there is a very low probability of such a situation but even if it happens you can contact Goodrx Team on their number  855 268 2822 and get your issue cleared. 

Q. Can I use it for my pets too? 

Ans. Yes, it’s a straight yes. Goodrx extends its services to pet care too and you can use GoodRx coupons for veterinary medicines too. 

Q. Do I need to be a member to use Costco pharmacy? 

Ans. It is not at all necessary to be a Costco member to use pharmacy. Costco stores are open to everybody and you don’t need to be a member to avail it’s services. 

Does Costco Accept Goodrx? 

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