Does Walmart Do Background Checks?

Here we will see about the Does Walmart Do Background Checks?

Background checks are done by companies, institutions and organizations for the purpose of employment. This is done to verify the information given by a potential employee. Walmart is an American multinational retail corporation that deals with grocery stores, a chain of hypermarkets and discount departmental stores.

Does Walmart Do Background Checks?

To maintain its set standards, Walmart Corporation hiring officers are keen when they want to hire potential candidates who seek employment in their company. Walmart’s policy specifies that it does background checks on all employees. Therefore, Yes! Walmart does background checks.. This is important to reduce the risk to the company, the customers and its employees.

When a candidate applies for a position at Walmart, the company runs a background check on them and compares with the details given by the candidate for comparison. Within the hiring process, one should expect to go through a background check before employment. The company does not discriminate the workers based on their race, gender, religion, age, or sex

The background check at Walmart may go back to 7 years, with a period of 3 to 30 days to get the results after the checks. This however, varies with the position that one is applying for. Moreover, Walmart Company will require consent from the employee before conducting a background check. If the permission is declined by the employee then the company will not hire them.

The major background checks that are done at Walmart include:

  • Identification
  • Criminal history
  • Educational history
  • Employment history


Walmart will check the identification of a potential employee. It is essential they get the correct statements of the person who they want to hire. The check may include your official names, location address, identification or serial number. This is important for the hiring officers to confirm that the candidate is telling the truth.

Criminal History

This is done to ensure that no danger will be impacted on the company, the customers, the employer or other employees. Walmart confirms cases of theft, murder, sex assault crimes as well as terrorism. If a potential candidate has been convicted to such, unfortunately, they may be deprived of the opportunity. 

Education History

There are different position categories at Walmart. Therefore, applicants ought to show their respective educational qualifications and herein, apply for positions that they are well suited for. The company checks for the educational background for proper job placement. Candidates should be honest about their qualifications. 

Employment History

If a candidate has had work experience, Walmart may contact the previous employer for confirmation. Work experience is needed if one is applying for a more senior role. It is necessary that potential candidates tell the truth about their employment or work history.

What Are The Requirements For One To Work At Walmart? 

  • The minimum age required for one to work at Walmart is 16 or 18 depending on certain positions.
  • Some entry positions do not require experience, other senior positions will require the needed high school diploma, bachelor’s degree and, when applying for managerial positions, one may need to have a master’s degree.
  • Good customer skills, effective communications skills.
  • Good listener and patient with customers.
  • Ability to do simple calculations.
  • Smart, creative and neat.
  • Ability to set products in regards to demand.

 The Salary Range at Walmart (by hourly rate)

The average pay at Walmart ranges from $10.15 to $21.10 an hour. The highest employee gets an average pay of $56.08 per hour while the least gets $10.90 per hour.


Background checks are essential in any type of organization, company or an institution. It is an explicit and simple way to verify the claims made by candidates seeking employment. Hiring honest employees, with the right attitude is one of the ways to create a good team. Moreover, it initiates open discussions and effective understanding between employees.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How will I know if I passed Walmart’s background check?

You will receive a call or email confirmation of your status.

One may simply get a call in for a job offer. 

  1. What does processing a background check mean?

This means that the hiring team is checking on your criminal, educational or experience.

  1. Does Walmart hire someone who has a criminal history?

Yes. Walmart will hire you if you’ve cleared all the legal procedures in regards to the crime.

  1. Will Walmart contact your former employer?

Yes. They will confirm with your references if you’d work with them before and your credentials.

Does Walmart Do Background Checks?

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