Does Lowe’s recycle light bulbs?


In this article, we will see Does Lowe’s recycle light bulbs? Read the article for more information. CFLs, plastic shopping bags, mobile phones, rechargeable batteries, plastic jars, and other items are all recycled by Lowes. Lowe’s is the most popular recycling place since it accepts CFLs for free, but only from customers. Simply collect your CFL bulbs and deposit them in the proper recycling bin at the store.

Rechargeable batteries, mobile phones, compact fluorescent bulbs, and plastic shopping bags may all be recycled at their permanent recycling facilities, which are free, convenient, and simple to use. CFLs are also easier to recycle than fluorescent tubes. Lowes recycles compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) throughout its 1,700 sites in the United States. CFLs are more likely to be purchased at these establishments than fluorescent tubes, which are more typically used in workplaces. Recycling bins may be seen near Lowe’s store entrances around the country.

Does Lowes recycle light bulbs?

Lowe’s appears to recycle LED bulbs, but you should double-check that your local shop does as well. Because CFLs cannot be recycled in most circumstances in standard recycling bins, you can trust that if you bring them to Lowe’s, they will be appropriately disposed of. LED light bulbs do not need to be recycled and may be thrown away with the rest of your waste.

According to Lowe’s, the recycling centers would provide customers with a free and straightforward way to recycle. Recycling might be puzzling at first, especially because it varies by city. They can answer some of the most often asked questions, offer advice, and provide information on where to recycle some of the most difficult-to-recycle products.

Fluorescent tubes have a very long life cycle. When it comes time to replace those old fluorescent bulbs that have lasted for years, Lowes may come to mind. At the time, Lowes did not accept fluorescent bulbs. Check to discover whether your local establishment takes these out-of-date fluorescent lights. However, do not dispose of them since they contain mercury, which must be properly disposed of. 

Do you know?

  • Every Lowes store has a CFL recycling station. Unfortunately, tubes are not covered by this; but, if you call the manager and explain the issue, they may accept it.
  • Many companies and people are unaware that it is prohibited to dispose of fluorescent bulbs in the garbage. Mercury is discharged into the air, water, and soil when fluorescent bulbs are broken, burned or buried in a landfill. Although some firms recycle fluorescent bulbs, these initiatives are frequently confined to people.
  • Incandescent and halogen light bulbs may be discarded since they do not contain any dangerous elements.
  • They are recyclable, however not all recycling facilities accept them due to the peculiar techniques necessary to separate the components.
  • Despite this, most municipalities do not demand the recycling of LEDs. The 1800 Recycling Recycle Search feature may be able to assist you in locating a local LED recycling source.
  • While LED light bulbs do not contain mercury, they do contain high quantities of other potentially harmful elements including lead and arsenic.
  • Some businesses recycle fluorescent bulbs; however, these initiatives are generally limited to people.
  • Recycling is entirely free. Lowes, for example, recycles intact light bulbs, while the majority of fire departments recycle household hazardous garbage for free.
  • Many organizations and individuals are unaware that disposing of fluorescent bulbs is banned. Mercury is discharged into the air, water, and soil when fluorescent bulbs are broken, burned or buried in a landfill.
  • You can also use the location map provided by the Association of Lighting and Mercury Recyclers to locate recyclers in your region.


In 2004, Lowe’s joined the Call2Recycle project. The methods are implemented at over 1,000 Lowe’s stores. In 2009, Lowe’s collected one million pounds, then two million pounds in 2012, and three million pounds in 2014.

Materials accepted at Lowe’s

· Lighting, Compact Fluorescent Bulb (CFL)

· Lighting, Fluorescent Tubes

· Batteries, Lithium-ion, Alkaline, Household 

· Plastic Grocery Bags

· Lighting, LED Bulb


Customers may drop off expired CFLs, rechargeable batteries weighing up to 11 pounds, as well as old mobile phones and plastic bags, at selected Lowe’s outlets. Lowe claims to have collected more than 334,000 pounds of rechargeable batteries from consumers since joining the Call2Recycle program, with more than 334,000 pounds recovered last year. In the spring, the company also expanded its equipment recycling program to all markets.

The materials are collected and sent to recycling centers where they are processed. According to their data, the company recycled about 166,000 tonnes of wooden pallets, 147,000 tonnes of cardboard, and 400 tonnes of shrink film in the previous year. Lowes’ environmental initiatives include a six-year-old pallet recycling program in addition to the recycling center.

Does Lowe’s recycle light bulbs?

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