Keen First Responder Discount

Keen is an American-based footwear company located in Portland, Oregon. Keen is a private company founded by Martin Keen and Rory Fuerst. In the early days, Keen was in Alameda, California. Now, it is in Portland, Oregon. In this article, you will learn all about a Keen First Responder Discount, a keen first responder discount, how to get a first responder discount at Keen, about, and how to verify yourself as a first responder at, and more.

Keen First Responder Discount

Keen offers various discounts for government officials, military members, veterinarians, military spouses, and retired officers. In the same way, it also offers a first responder discount for the current and retired first responders.

The Process Of Getting The First Responder discount 

Follow the steps below: 

Create an account on id. me 

 Link: is an American private company that helps people to verify and share their identities legally. was founded in 2010. Its headquarters are in Mclean, Virginia, United States. Through its users can get access to discounts from various brands and government services. Use id. me ID on and get access to keen discounts for first responders

Verify yourself as a First Responder at 

 After creating your account on Verify yourself as first responders. In EMTs, police officers, firefighters, sheriffs, Retired officers, veterinarians, and troopers are eligible for a first responder’s discount. After verifying yourself as a first responder you will get an email with your verified credentials. You can use these credentials to get discounts from various brands. Keen also offers first responders discounts. Through credentials, you can get access to its offers.  


After verifying yourself as the first responder, go to and click on ‘my account’ and fill in your details in your profile. After that, click on ‘sign-in’ and ‘security’ to provide more security to your account.

Get access to first responder discounts 

After creating your account, verifying yourself as the first responder, and getting credentials, the only thing left is shopping. You can also check first responder discounts from other brands through id. my credentials. You will see verification with the id. me option, go for it to verify yourself as the first responder at the brand’s site. 

In Which Cases First Responder Verification Is Unsuccessful?

The following are the reasons why your account verification is unsuccessful: 

  • The details you have filled in may match the existing details in the system.
  • The details you have filled in may not match official records.
  • Incorrect details may have been filled in while creating your account.
  • Your credit details have been frozen.

The retired officers need not worry because they are eligible for a first responder discount. Through a retiree card or retirement certificate, retired officers can get access to all keen discounts as first responders. 

Keen Pro Program For First Responders 

The keen pro program offers various discounts on footwear and accessories for government officials, military members, military spouses, first responders, troopers, and veterans. The keen pro program works quickly with credentials. Through, you can easily verify yourself as a first responder and can get access to discounts.

Applying For A Keen Pro Program 

Visit If you are an existing pro member, then log in with your credentials. If you are new to this, you can start by either creating your account or just logging in with your existing account and applying for the pro program.

While creating your new account it is better to use your work email address. After creating your account, you will be able to access all discounts offered by the keen pro program. Note: discounts offered through the pro program cannot be combined with other promotions. 


Through keen, all first responders can get access to various discounts. Keen not only offers discounts for first responders but also for government officials, military members, nurses, and many more. helps in verifying your identity and helps to get access to various brands’ discounts and offers. The offer is valid for retired first responder officers too. The first responder includes EMTs, police officers, firefighters, sheriffs, Retired officers, veterinarians, and troopers. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • How To Check My Eligibility As A First Responder To Get Keen Discounts? 

Ans: visit id. me to check your eligibility. and keen both have listed who are eligible for first responder discounts on the FAQs page. You can also contact the id. my team to solve your queries.

  • How To Verify Your First Responder Status? 

Ans: Go to id. me and sign up with your credentials. Click on my ids section and start managing your status. Click on the first responder card and your details to update your account. You can either use government-issued certification numbers or your ID card for verifying your status.

  • What Happens If I Share My Discounts As A First Responder With My Friends? 

Ans: No, you cannot share your discounts with your non-eligible friends.

Keen First Responder Discount

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