Can you share Amazon Prime Video?

We all have heard the name amazon, and it is almost a part of our daily life. It is an online shopping site where we find all items of our interests. But what is Amazon Prime video? Can you share Amazon Prime Video?

Amazon Prime membership option where people can buy subscriptions and enjoy exclusive offers. And it provides members of its app Amazon Prime video where you can watch movies, Amazon original movies and web series, and various entertainment stuff. But the question arises can we share our Amazon Prime video with anyone. Here are all the details about how you can share your Amazon Prime video.

Can you share Amazon Prime Video?

What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is a subscription service provided by amazon which gives the members benefits in and entertainment services. It is one of the most popular streaming platforms which also has its original content. With Amazon Prime membership you can get to save a lot and there are real savings, fast deliveries, amazon pay cashback, free video and movie streaming, unlimited access to music, and free photos storage on prime. Prime Video includes various tv series, movies, original programs, and a lot more.

Cost of Amazon Prime membership

the cost of membership to amazon prime is not much, and you also get a free trial for the first month. When you log in, you have to add your banking details, and in the second month, you will automatically be charged, if you don’t cancel it before the upcoming month. It is a very reasonably priced service.

Membership fee of Amazon Prime:

  • $ 12.99 per month excluding the taxes
  • $ 119 per year excluding the taxes
  • $ 8.99 per month (only prime video) excluding the taxes 

How to share Amazon Prime video?

You can share your amazon prime video either by linking two accounts or Amazon Prime household.

You can generally share your login details with your friends and family. Amazon has added the feature wherein the same Prime account different profiles can be added so that you can view content as per your suggested content. You can share Amazon Prime even via a together price service where you can create a group and share the subscription. You need to either join as an admin or joiner. If you join as an admin, then you can choose with who you can share your account and if you sign up as a joiner then you can select people with who you share your account.

Sharing the Prime video with an adult

  • Go to amazon web and click on “accounts and list”.
  • Then on the “your Account Page” click on amazon household.
  • Then click on “Add Adult”.
  • Invite the person you want to add by mentioning the name and email address and then click continue.
  • Choose whatever you want to give access to the person and then click on send invite.
  • The other person after accepting your invite gets access to your Amazon Prime video.

Sharing an amazon prime video with a teenager

  • Go to amazon web and click on “accounts and list”.
  • On the “Your Account” page click on Amazon household.
  • Then click on “Add a Teen”
  • Then click on “sign up now”. Then send the invite via phone or email.
  • You can monitor the content as well as the purchases.

Sharing Amazon Prime video with a child

  • Go to amazon web and then click on “accounts and list”.
  • Click on amazon household on the “your account” page.
  • Then click on “add a child”.
  • Create a profile.
  • Your child can now see the content.

Benefits of amazon prime video

  • You can watch 4k video content.
  • It supports devices like firesticks, smart TV, mobiles, game consoles, etc.
  • You can download movies and video content and watch them offline.
  • You can watch the original content produced by amazon prime.
  •  Parental control feature.

Amazon prime video brings benefits and lets you enjoy high-quality content even offline. It connects family members and friends through the amazon household feature and linking of two accounts. So, we can share our amazon prime video with friends and family if we are comfortable giving them the login details. Amazon prime subscription includes exclusive features like fast delivery. You can share your amazon with friends, but you both have to share payment without any additional costs.

Frequently asked questions
  1. Can you amazon prime video with family members staying in another country?

Ans: No, you cannot share your amazon prime video with your family member staying in another country because according to the terms of service, it can be only shared with members living in the same household.

  1. Can we transfer amazon prime membership to another country?

Ans: No, since the cost of membership in different countries is different hence, you cannot transfer prime membership to another country.

  1. Can I get an amazon prime video for free?

Ans: yes, but just for a month. If you are a new member, you get one month’s free trial of amazon prime membership. It is not free, but with many calling plans, you get a prime video subscription also.

Can you share Amazon Prime Video?

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