Is Amazon Prime Photo Storage Really Unlimited?

The amazon prime photo storage was launched in November 2014. It is a cloud-based multimedia storage platform. The prime photo storage can be accessed from different devices such as smartphones, laptops, smart TV, and more. Apart from photos and videos storage service, amazon prime also offers benefits like fast shipping for products and access to other video and music services.As a member of amazon prime, one gets unlimited and full resolution photo storage and also gets 5GB for the video.Though, anyone with an amazon account gets an access to amazon photos but with a limit to 5 GB full- resolution photo and video storage combined.

Is Amazon Prime Photo Storage Really Unlimited?

However, with amazon prime subscription, one gets unlimited full-resolution photo storage, with an additional video storage of 5 GB. With so much happening around us and in our lives, the moments of happiness, grief, celebrations that we ought to capture on daily basis, considering the fact of limited storage on our phones, something like amazon prime photo storage is need of the hour, for sure. With this, one need not worry about their safe storage for their memories to be stored. Also, since it’s accessible with multiple devices, one can always have the backup and access it, even if one of the devices fail or is lost. Below are some features that amazon prime photos offer:

  • Auto- backup option for the entire photo library
  • Selected photos could only be uploaded too
  • It has the editing tools as well
  • One can conveniently organize the photos there
  • There is also a sharing feature
  • It also has printing and photo book tools

Amazon Prime Photo Plans

Since the amazon prime photo offers unlimited storage for its members but there is a limit to video upload beyond the free 5 Gb offered to the customers, one can always buy if they want to have more space for it. If space extends up to 100 GB, one needs to pay $1.99 per month for the video storage. When the space extends beyond 100 GB and ends up to 1 TB, one has to pay $6.99 per month, further extension up to 2 TB, requires $11.99 per month for the storage.

So, one has an access to unlimited photo storage, quite literally. It costs only for the video that goes beyond 5 GB limit. But extensions up to 100 GB or sometimes 1 Tb, depending on an individual, is oftentimes enough.

Uploading Via Web Browser and Mobile Phone App

 One can upload pictures to amazon photos via desktop by following below described procedures:

  • Open amazon photos on your web browser
  • Select the Add icon on the top right
  • Choose upload photos or upload folder
  • Click on the photos you want to upload

Uploading pictures via android app

  • Open amazon photos
  • Tap Press and hold the photo you want to upload until a check mark appears
  • Tap the upload icon

Uploading pictures via iOS app

  • Open amazon photos
  • Tap the smile icon on the top-left corner of the screen
  • Tap setting icon on the top-right corner of the screen
  • Tap upload photos manually
  • Select the photos and videos you would like to upload
  • Tap upload on the top right corner of the screen


1.What if I cancel the prime membership?

A.When one cancels their prime membership, the stored content greater than free quota of 5 GB of total photo and video upload remains and you will not be able to upload any additional files. But you would continue to be able to view, download and delete content. You should however, delete the over quota content within 180 days. After the 180 days limit the content would be deleted beginning from the most recent uploads first, until the account is no more over quota.

2.Is it safe to upload photos and videos on amazon prime?

A.While there are many debates going around but if we go by the amazon’s own claim of adherence to the customers privacy, they say that, the data provided by their users are only used for organizing your photos and not given to third parties.

3.Does deleting photos from phone deletes from amazon prime as well or vice versa?

A.Once the photos are uploaded to amazon prime, it is saved there, it is totally up to you if you want to delete it from your phone or not, it would in no way get deleted from your amazon photos unless you go and delete it from there as well.

However, when you have deleted the photo from amazon prime it will not get deleted from your phone, if you have not deleted it earlier or will delete it. It won’t get deleted automatically.

4.Can anyone else view my photos on amazon prime?

A.No, your photos could not be viewed by anyone or at least anyone whomsoever you don’t wish it, to be viewed by. However, any of your acquaintance can see it only if they log in to your account with your detail.

Is Amazon Prime Photo Storage Really Unlimited?

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