Currys Printer Return Policy – Read to know

At some point in our lives, we have all purchased an item or appliance that didn’t turn out to be what we wanted or arrived faulty, incorrect, damaged, or malfunctioned after a few days of use. The days that follow are a tiring search for the company or manufacturer’s terms and conditions for return and customer service lines to report your dissatisfaction. Here is a detailed and simplified outline of the Currys Printer Return Policy. Read more to find out if your printer is eligible for a refund, the timeline to process a successful refund, and how to return your printer.

Currys Printer Return Policy

Currys Printer Return Policy varies depending on the condition of the item at the time of return and the reason for the return. This means the return policy for sealed and unopened items would not be the same as that for opened items. In the same way, the return policy for faulty items would differ from that for damaged items. 

Currys Return Policy for Sealed and Unopened Items:

Printers that are in their original packaging are eligible for a full refund or an exchange within 21 days of delivery. 

Currys Return Policy for Opened Items:

If the following conditions are satisfied, printers that have been opened are eligible for a refund:

  1. Inform Currys of your decision to return or cancel your order within 14 days (weekends inclusive) after the item is delivered. 
  2. Do not use, install, or input any personal data or software on the item.
  3. The item in question must be in the same condition as one that is brand new and is to be returned to the store in its original, undamaged product packaging, alongside any electronic or non-electronic accessories and freebies received with it.
  4. You should have a receipt or proof of purchase detailing the price of the item, date, and time of purchase.

Currys Return Policy for Faulty Items:

Customers can return a faulty item for a refund or an exchange within 30 days from the exact day the item was purchased or delivered. 

Please note that there is an exception to this rule. 

  • For products covered by warranty, Currys may offer to repair the defective item if the 30-day refund timeline has passed from the day of purchase or delivery. 

Currys Return Policy for Damaged Items:

Customers can make arrangements for the item to be picked up by a Delivery Service within 14 days if the item was purchased online and 21 days if it was purchased in a store and is unopened. Here’s how you can initiate a pick-up/return request:

  •  Connect with the webchat virtual assistant on Currys’ website
  • Speak to a customer service representative on 0344 561 0000.  

Currys Return Policy for Unwanted or Incorrect Items:

The above-mentioned return policy for sealed and unopened items and opened items also applies here. 

What is Currys Printer Return Policy?

There are two ways to return a printer or any item you purchase from Currys. 

  1. Return a printer to a local store near you.  
  2. You can return a printer online. 

1. Return a Printer to a Local Store near you:

This is the most convenient way to return a printer and receive a refund. 

Find the closest Currys local store near you and take your item along with your receipt/proof of purchase. If locating a store poses a challenge, you can visit the Currys website, search for the keywords “store finder” and follow the instructions that pop up.

2. You can return a Printer Online:

If you’re unable to find a store or physically go to one, there are other options for you.

  • Visit the Help & Service center on Currys’ website
  • Click “Contact us,” and you’ll be directed to a virtual assistant who can solve your problem, or to a customer service representative who can. 
  • Speak to a customer service representative on 0344 561 0000 to confirm if your item is eligible for return. If it is, you’ll receive an email with a return label. Print this label, attach it to your package, and take it to any DPD pickup shop. This should be done within 14 days of delivery. 
  • You can also schedule a pickup from your location. You will receive a confirmation email from Currys to notify you when your package is in transit and another when it has been received. This service is free of charge.

Please note that Currys will not accept returns or issue refunds for printers that have suffered damage as a result of users’ negligence, misuse, or accident.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Curry refuse to refund me even when I’ve satisfied all the conditions to be granted a refund? 

Yes, but only in specific cases. When a customer returns an item that was paid for through PayPal to a store, the store can only grant an exchange or voucher; a refund would not be possible. Also, if the item was custom designed, the return and refund would not be granted. 

How do I know if my printer has a warranty?

The majority of Currys products have a 1-year guarantee as standard. 

Can I return a printer if I don’t have a receipt? 

If you have other proof of purchase, yes. This can be an account statement or an order confirmation email. If a customer does not have any proof of purchase, a return or refund would not be successful.

How long does it take to process a refund?

It can take anywhere from 3-5 working days to process a refund for a returned item or order that was canceled.

Can I return a printer that has been used? 

Yes, granted that the printer was faulty when it was received from the manufacturer. If it has not been installed and is still in its original packaging with all accessories, it must be returned within the stipulated time. You would also need to prove that the printer is faulty.

Currys Printer Return Policy – Read to know

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