Living Spaces Mattress Return Policy – Read to know

The Living Space Mattress is one the best mattresses in the world and it comes with 100 days sleep trial offer on the go. Let’s here discuss Living Spaces Mattress Return Policy.

Living Spaces Mattress Return Policy

In addition to this, it gives you the best prices that you cannot expect from anyone. There are different types of mattresses as per the brands, by size, comfort level, by budget. Older mattresses are needed to be flipped from time to time but in this special type of mattress, it hardly matters to flip since it has an innerspring. It is a specially-designed mattress.

There are different types of mattresses available with us:

Hybrid mattresses– they are made up of spring and foam and are also less bouncy

Latex mattress– it is made up of rubber and is tight than foam and not so bouncy

Plush mattress– it is having softer layer but is not so firm 

Firm mattress–   not like plush but definitely hard surface

Medium mattress– it is never so hard and not soft with surface

Innerspring mattress– they are made up of metal spring so it naturally becomes bouncier

Memory foam mattress– it is made up of foam that remembers the form of the body

Cooling mattress– it consists of gel beds that regulate the temperature

Adjustable mattress– as the name suggests that it can be adjusted in an upward position

Brand mattress-   Such types of mattresses can be differentiated according to the brands

Delivery facility facts

  • As per the return policy if it does not fit well so separate charges will be levied on stocking up. 
  • Before the delivery they generally protect the floors by sheets and rugs any kind of harm to the floors will not be charged
  • Deliveries and the cancellation would be scheduled timely, delays in deliveries and cancellations according to the time set would be fined
  • The particular delivery requirement would be conveyed timely if not then charges will be levied
  • A person above 18 should be present at the time of delivery and to sign the receipt , in case of unavailability a special charge will be put. 
  • The location must be safe and reachable for delivery 
  • If it is triple storeyed then Elevator is needed in such case
  • In case of damage occurs while delivery, make sure of the damage disclaimer before delivery
  • Please make sure of the delivery guidelines and measurement of the products so that it fits well 
  • An insurance certificate must be available in case of high rise buildings, it takes 5 days to submit
  • The living space have the right to fix a technician in case of any faults occur while delivery
  • The delivery person is not supposed to shift and move the furniture in your home
  • Living spaces will not shift the other mattresses, that poses the risk to the persons and the mattresses should not be wet, stained and soiled too.

Please make a note of the return will differ on the below items:

  1. Usual stock and special order
  2. By parcel delivery

Return Policy of Living Spaces Mattress

  • Return within 7 days of delivery and with a 10 % fee for stock again
  • No mattresses return, bedding  and springs
  •  There is no fee for stocking up again in parcel delivery

In case of special order, it is important to deposit 25% being non-refundable with no returns


Living spaces accept return on usual stock items in 7 days of delivery. 10 % of stocking up again on all on usual stock furniture return. Note that

  • Returns will not be accepted on as-si marked items and special order items
  • Living Spaces does not charge fees on stocking up again on additional items namely wall arts, pillows, lamps, rugs, table top add-on and artificial plant
  • The returns will not be accepted on pillows, bedding, comforter sets and mattresses
  • You are supposed to refer individual policy of exchange for box springs and mattresses
  • Living spaces keeps the right to reject the exchanges and returns by reason of damage and misuse by the customer
  • Returned items should be packaged in original and in dismantle form
  • A pick up fee will be charged in case of return items to be taken from home
  • The delivery charges to be paid and it is non-refundable

Returned items are to be inspected with a receipt and taxes are refunded according to the applicability of state law. For the purchase price of the returned goods, refunds and credits will be given then only. Except refunds of the defective, damaged produce, delivery and shipping charges are non-refundable, and shipping charges on return and picking up charges will be implied. On the receipt of items, refunds are usually received in 10 working days. 

Warranties and returns are not applicable for as-is merchandise. All the as-is commodities should be taken in 48 hours of buying. The non-performance of as-is goods will subject to cancellation of order on purchase within 48 hours. The as-is goods are exempt from shipping and delivery. 

Living Spaces Mattress Return Policy – Read to know

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