Is Factory Direct Jewelry Real Gold?

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When shopping for a fashion compliment or a gift package for that special someone, the best option is to invest in a piece of real and quality jewelry from a reputable jewelry company to avoid spending money on low-quality or fake jewelry. Knowing where to go for your jewelry will relieve the stress of having to choose between non-certified multiple options. 

Is Factory Direct Jewelry Real Gold

The gold in factory direct jewelry is real, with pieces ranging in purity from 10 to 14 karats. Factory Direct Jewelry is a well-known jewelry manufacturing company with over a century of experience and a reputation for producing high-quality jewelry on more than three continents

How to tell if a piece of jewelry is real gold.

Gold is one of the most sought-after precious stones in the creation of jewelry and accessories; yet, knowing how to spot genuine gold is critical to prevent getting tricked out of your money. How can you know if the golden item you’re buying is genuine? 

Look for the hallmark: This is similar to a stamp indicating the gold’s karat weight. In the U.S.A, the fraction of measurement is 24k being that a piece of full gold jewelry is 24karat. Factory delivery gold products range between 10k and 14k indicating that the 10karat gold jewelry consists of 10 gold and a mixture of other precious stones while that of 14k consists of half gold mixed with other stones. 

Look for the letter mark: The letter mark of jewelry is GP (gold plated), GF (gold filled), or GEP (gold electroplate).

Demo test with nitric acid: You can determine the authenticity of golden jewelry by carrying out a nitric test on any scraped part of the jewelry, if there’s a reaction or change of color then the jewelry is not made of gold but if there is no form of chemical reaction, your jewelry is made of real gold.

Testing the density: Measure the density of the gold in your jewelry using a scale. The normal density of gold is approximately 19.3; the closer the density of your product is to the approximated figure the more gold it contains.

Water test: Drop your jewelry in water and observe if the item will float or not, a piece of real gold jewelry will not float nor rust after being subjected to a water test.

Test against a ceramic tile by scratching and rubbing against unglazed ceramic tile till gold fragments are flaking off.

  1. Test using a strong magnet: Real gold is not magnetic so you can test if your jewelry is made of real gold using a strong magnet.

Why you should trust factory direct company for your gold jewelry

Factory Direct Firm is a jewelry company that has been in business for over a century while maintaining a high level of quality and durability. The company’s gold jewelry is constructed of at least 10k gold with a gold content of around 41.7 percent, making it solid gold jewelry. The 14k gold jewelry has a gold content of 58.3 percent. 

  • The uniqueness of 10k factory direct gold jewelry 

For someone looking for a solid gold product that is cost-effective and friendly, the 10k gold pieces of jewelry are a great option as they are a mixture of class and pocket friendly. It is affordable and equally durable resistant to all forms of damage because factory delivery is committed to providing quality pieces of jewelry at affordable rates.

  • The uniqueness of 14k factory direct gold jewelry

If you are looking for a higher pure gold jewelry content then the factory delivers 14k pieces of jewelry is for you. It is a mixture of purity and durability and has a warm, rich and classy appearance; 14k gold jewelry is durable and resistant to scratching, dents and damage. Though not as cost-friendly as its 10k counterpart 14k gold pieces of jewelry are affordable. It offers a great combination of looks and value for money and is recommended when the funds are available.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of shipping purchases internationally? 

The factory direct jewelry company charges $20 for international shipping. After you’ve placed your order and made the necessary payment, you’ll receive an email with your order number and tracking ID, which you can use to follow your order until it arrives at its destination. It takes about seven days for an overseas order to arrive at its destination. 

What is factory direct jewelry’s refund policy?

If you are unhappy with your item, factory direct jewelry has a 30-day return policy, which allows you to send it back and get a full refund within 30 days of receiving it. Refunds, on the other hand, do not include delivery fees and lay the burden of proof on the buyer. Additionally, any alteration or adjustment on returned items will be charged a 20% restocking fee, and any refunds will be paid to the original payment source. Outside of the 30 days, the customer is not eligible for a refund.


Are you a gold jewelry lover searching for a reputable and credible company for your purchases? We’re here to make things easier for you by bringing a masterclass of excellence with years of experience to your doorstep. At factory delivery jewelry; you are sure of real gold jewelry that compliments the value of your money.

Is Factory Direct Jewelry Real Gold?

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