Is Valicci Jewelry Real?

Due to the life-changing effects of the covid-19 pandemic on us, online shopping has made it easier for trading to continue. But with the demand for online shopping ever-increasing, suspected and confirmed scams have also increased. One of such suspected scams is Valicci jewelry. There have been recent views about buying necklaces or bracelets from Valicci. Most people believe that they are not real. So, here see ‘Is Valicci Jewelry Real?’.

Is Valicci Jewelry Real?

Some have not concluded where to place Valicci yet. They have doubts about their products, without entirely believing that Valicci jewelry is not real.

Maybe you are interested in buying jewelry from Valicci, but due to the growing concerns about their reality, you are not convinced of doing business with them. 

We cannot generally conclude if Valicci jewelry is real or not, because of the many factors involved. As such, we cannot make that decision for you. However, we’ll be considering these factors in this post, and getting insights into these factors. 

This will help you decide whether to buy jewelry from Valicci or not.

If you are trying to discover the reality of Valicci jewelry, and you want to decide whether or not to buy from their online stores, then keep reading below for more explanation and insight.

But before we continue, let’s take a look at what the website is.

What is also known as Valicci, parade itself as an online store that sells an assortment of jewelry. The suspicious part is that these jewelry are reportedly put up for sale at $0, as well as offering a 100% discount on their products. Oh Yes! You read that right. 

The company claims that you only need to pay for the shipping of the product. This leads one to wonder if it is worth it, or it is just another ‘Only Pay for shipping’ scam.

Now that you know what the website is, keep reading to find out more about their services. Website Review

Here is a description of the website.

  • Name of Website: Valicci
  • Type of Website:Online Store
  • Link to Website:
  • Email: Nil
  • Date of Registration: April, 2021
  • Information of company and owner : Nil
  • Location of Company:  the address provided on their Return Policy page is 7319 Matthews Mint Hill Road, Suite I #931 Mint Hill, North Carolina 28227. But upon confirmation on Google Maps, there is no named business as Valicci mentioned there.
  • Contact Number: It Contact phone number hasn’t been provided by the company on its website. This confirms that Valicci is obviously trying to withhold the information. This also makes them not trustable for online shopping.
  • Returns and Exchange: Their Return Policy has been identified to be very difficult for any customer to be eligible for the return and exchange of items. As such, it becomes almost impossible to receive the full payment back from the websites due to their disorganized provisions.

In their defense, the website is well secured with SSL encryption. They also claim to reduce prices of products for you, giving you recommendations as well. Finally, they accept different payment methods.

However, Valicci has no return address, no information for contacting them, and no social media links. They also do not possess seal trusts which are used to identify authorized organizations.

Reportedly, the website does not make use of original images. They make use of stolen content.

There are reported to have stolen images from another online store. One way of finding out is by making use of Google search images. This reveals that their jewelry is not initially that of Valicci’s online shop.

This means that they are living off another’s work. Thereby, sending customers cheap fakes of the real thing.

Is Valicci Jewelry Legit?

With all the vital evidence stated above, it is safe to say that has a lot of warning signs. Customers who ignored these red flags were reportedly very displeased with their orders. This is because there turned out to be very cheap imitations, and nowhere close to what had been displayed on the website.

Examples of these complaints from customers include payment of over $70 as a shipping fee, without being able to keep tabs on their packages on the website. Some complained that they kept receiving error messages such as “information unavailable, we cannot identify your number yet”.

In cases where the orders finally arrived, what the customers got, was different from what they had seen on the website.

What’s worse? These customers also complained of not being able to reach out to the store due to the unavailability of contact details on their website.

This includes no return address, as such the customers could not get a refund. 

All these point to the conclusion that Valicci is one of the suspicious websites you has to be careful of.


With everything that has been started above, cannot be seen as being a real and reliable online store selling jewelries.

At the end of the day, customers don’t get the same items they had ordered. They end up getting a cheap imitation.

Currently, there have been reports of multiple new online stores who claim to sell a number of items on huge discount. Most of them turn out to be scam.

As such, it is advisable to make thorough research before buying anything from these new online stores, or better still, refrain from making purchases from these new online stores. Most of these stores with little or no information about them end up not delivering the bought items to their customers. In other cases, they deliver products that are entirely different or have extremely low quality. 

Is Valicci Jewelry Real?

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