New Balance Student Discount

Introduction To New Balance

New Balance, a footwear manufacturing company has provided a cheaper way for students to afford their products. It is known as the New Balance student discount. This article gives an insight on how to acquire and use a New Balance Student Discount.

New Balance Student Discount

What is A New Balance Student Discount?

New Balance is a popularly known footwear and apparel manufacturing company. Apart from manufacturing sports accessories, New Balance serves as a sponsor of various sports athletes, sports teams, and activities. 

Although founded in America, the brand has many headquarters and a presence in many parts of the world. New Balance focuses majorly on sports and footwear made for athletic activities. Examples of this footwear are Basketball shoes, running shoes, skateboarding shoes, etc. They also produce footwear for normal daily activities. New Balance is the general brand name for brands such as Dunham, Aravon, and New Balance itself. Other products of New Balance are hoodies, sweatshirts, and windbreakers alongside caps, socks, and water bottles.

The company has an effective working online store alongside over 3500 retail stores. There are around 5000 employees to attend to their customers too.

New Balance has created a mass opportunity for students to have access to their high-quality and fashionable products. For this reason, New Balance has partnered with different outlets to achieve cheaper rates for student buyers. 

Student customers can gain access to the New Balance student discount by verifying their studentship both online and in their walk-in stores.

How To Get A New Balance Student Discount?

To gain access to New Balance discounts for students, there are two different ways to go about it.

Firstly, you can create an account with New Balance. To do this, you log in to the official New Balance website. Provided to click on the ‘Sign up’ option. Upload the necessary information, that is, your university name and valid student email address. After this, you get a 20% discount code for every purchase you make.

Secondly, you can sign into New Balance through UNIDAYs. This also gives you access to a 20% discount on purchases you make.

The steps above work perfectly for online orders. If you are buying in a New Balance walk-in store, your UNIDAYs Identification card also gives you access to the student discount.

Examples Of Other New Balance Discounts

There are many other discount codes available on New Balance for New Balance customers.

New Balance has discount options for community heroes such as military members, veterans, healthcare workers, and teachers.

To retrieve their discount code, they are to verify their affiliation with their identity cards through

Currently, there are around 18 New Balance discounts codes available.

New Balance has a birthday discount worth $20 for any customer that has their birthday details on the myNB rewards profile. There are over 10 promo codes for price slashes and even an option for free delivery for every purchase over $100. To find out more on this, you can check the official New Balance website.

Benefits Of Student Discounts

Offering student discounts is beneficial to both the brand and college students.

  • For the brand, student discount and discounts, in general, attracts customers to your business. This is because they get to patronize constantly and even make referrals. This helps the brand to build its business and gain long-term customers in the later years.
  • For the students, they don’t have to pay a dime to get student discounts. They get to purchase products conveniently without breaking the bank. Students get to keep up their fashion game and save money at the same time.


New Balance Student Discount is a particular percent cut out of the price of products for college students. These discounts range from 15%-25% of the actual price. Student Discount is accessible through a verified student email address or a UNIDAYs I.D card. 

Student discounts make good quality products affordable for students.


Can anyone use the New Balance Student Discount?

No. Only verified college students can use the New Balance Student Discount to make purchases. Students can prove this through their UNIDAYs identity card or a student account with New Balance. To create the account, a valid university and email address must be provided.

Apart from the student discount, are there other New Balance discounts?

Yes. There are many discount and promo codes available for New Balance customers. During sales periods such as Black Friday, Christmas Day, etc, there are slashed product prices also. There are also coupon codes for first-time buyers.

Do I have to pay even though I have a student discount?

Yes. With the student discount,  New Balance only covers a certain percentage of the product to be purchased. However, you do not have to pay to get the student discount code.

Is UNIDAYs the only student discount network that works with New Balance?

No. You can also make use of Student Beans. First, you have to make sure your student status is verified.

New Balance Student Discount

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