Is Vessful Jewelry Real?

Introduction To Vessful Jewelry

Vessful is hip-hop jewelry based in the US. They promoted themselves as a genuine brand. Unfortunately, popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are being used for such fake promotions.

Is Vessful Jewelry Real

Answer Paragraph

Social Media has negative impacts from fake profiles, fake advertisements, and fake promotions even in cases of providing fake employment. People with hidden email IDs create accounts to serve many such purposes to earn money. Vessful is a website with hidden owners. They ask people to pay for designer jewelry online and deny the required service from their end. 

The website seems to be secure and real but all images they provide for the jewelry are fake. It’s an advance fee loan scam. They promise to deliver good quality products after charging them. They have also charged for the shipping, and not provided any service. Their supply chain and its management are very bad. That causes dissatisfaction among the buyers. Even if for online shopping, the website is very impressive and fulfills all desirable norms, if their supply chain management and return and replacement policies are not up to the mark, the website will become a useless and untrustworthy venture from customers’ viewpoint. 

Steps to deal with online scam

Check the reviews of the website before any purchase

Avoid purchasing from new websites

Choose cash on delivery

Do not go by luxurious images or videos of products on the internet.

If required file a complaint with the federal trade commission headquartered in Washington DC, US.

1. Vessful loses popularity

Though Vessful was 100/100 rating as mentioned by the scam detector website, these are based on theoretical norms of an ideal website. The way a website interacts and delivers goods are the real measure of the truthfulness of a website. This website is portrayed to be real and secure as per its display over the internet. The SSL certificate is valid. The website existed for a longer period. 

Engagement of the website has been reduced and reported to be a scam because of reviews from customers. It also lost customer engagement, leading lowering of its Alexa ranking.

1a) vessful website follows all norms of being real it has used advanced software BuiltWith.

1b) Despite internet promotion the supplier has failed to deliver the requested product on time.

2)Present a scenario on the internet.

The scam must be stopped as reviews against the website have flooded the internet. A Facebook business account has product images with very less user interaction. Its link has “” with no brand name indicating it to be a small company.

2a) Other websites such as, established in 2011, are the main source of the content of this website. 

2b) They also promise to follow global ethics on their website. The owner is based in Guangdong, China. This site was created from the GoDaddy website. The operating IP address is in the United States.

3) Misleading customers

They created a misleading website showing customers that they have paid on some other website for the same product and, therefore, they are not responsible to pay. The bank statement itself denotes the payment done to another website and is not too eventful. 

3a)The purchase has not been issued by a tracking number to many customers. 

3b)The email ID they mentioned to contact, is not valid. 

3c)Money from the account is deducted immediately. To some, they have delivered damaged products also.


It’s been a very long time in service and the delivery in-charge as well as contact person is not reachable. The site owner is hidden. It’s spam as the brand has not been able to create its own identity in the market. The jewelry they sell on the website has not been reviewed by anyone and internet spam detecting websites provide a clear indication that they are cheating on customers for a very long time. There has been no action taken against them in this regard as the website is still functional. In the future also it can mislead many customers if we do not research the website. The website must be reported as spam to close as soon as possible.

Is online purchase safe?

The safety of an online purchase from a relatively unknown website depends on your research before making any purchase from it. Try selecting payment as cash on delivery (COD) basis only. Please check the item on delivery before paying for it. Even card details can be misused. This website uses Paypal for the payment if a refund is not provided then visit:-

How to check such websites?

Check the competing website of other brands and study the quality description. Understand the price of the product and also search for review sections. Look for accounts on social media to double-check their reality. 

Is vessful jewelry real?

It is not really as all the websites claim found to be fake and it’s running down also.

Is the fault with the Supply Chain Management of the company?

It seems that someone has created a website to fool the customer. The website is showing a proper company name and brand yet the scam involves failure from the suppliers of the company. The product sometimes reaching are different from the actual order. There is no one to take responsibility for the mess made up.

What to do to stop the scam?

Vessful must be reported as a scam on Facebook, Twitter as well as on Instagram to avoid future scams.

Is Vessful Jewelry Real?

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