Kwik fit Student Discount

Kwik Fit is a company in the UK that operates in the car service and repair industry. They sell tires, brakes, exhausts, and service your car as they recharge the air conditioning, and change the oil. They also do MOT testing which is an annual test required in the UK to determine if a vehicle is safe and meets the roadworthiness conditions. Kwik Fit is quite a large company as it was started about 50 years ago in Scotland and has expanded into over 600 locations all over the UK. Let’s know about ‘Kwik fit Student Discount’.

Kwik fit Student Discount

Using a car and maintaining its good condition can be expensive especially because you have to make regular expensive car repairs. Kwik fit is aware of this and that is why they offer a discount of up to 15% off of their products and services for students. Although all students may find this offer very helpful, Kwik fit has made it that it only applies to students who have a Student Beans account.

Kwik fit products

In addition to selling, brakes, tires, and exhausts, Kwik Fit is a one-stop shop for all your car needs. They offer vital services that cars need to remain functional and well-equipped for the national standards of safety and roadworthiness. They offer additional services, some of which are free or subsidized, like;

  • Freewheel alignment check
  • Checking the car suspension
  • Make sure the car engine is treated and working well
  • Make sure the bulbs of the car are working correctly
  • A free air conditioning check and debug, and
  • Checking your windscreen wipers and replacing them if need be

Kwik fit student discount

Kwik fit is said to be the leading car specialist especially when it comes to providing service to cars and they also offer really good discounts for students. Currently, they have several discounts on their products and services including;

  • Students can get 10% off when they purchase 2 or more tires at the shop
  • Students get 10% off the normal price for the crucial MOT tests
  • There is a 15% discount on the full price of servicing your vehicle
  • If you need a full car service as well as MOT testing, you can get 15% off the combined service total
  • For air conditioning recharge students get 10% off, and
  • 5% off of batteries purchased

How to get the student discount

As mentioned earlier, this specific discount is exclusive to students who have a Student Beans account. So to use this offer to the maximum;

  1. Log in to your Student Beans account to get your unique student discount code. If you do not have an account already it is easy to create one using your valid university email address.
  2. Once your details have been verified, go to the Kwik fit official website and click on the service you require for the car
  3. The page that will appear thereafter will show all the discounts available for that particular service
  4. Choose the discount you want to apply and paste your unique code at the designated box
  5. The student discount code will be applied automatically immediately, and then you can proceed to pay the price after the discount.

If you encounter any problems during the use of the student discount, Kwik fit has a customer care center that is always ready to support and offer help where needed. Their contacts are listed very clearly at the bottom of their official page online.

Restrictions on student discount use

Although the student discount has been designed to cater to all students both part-time and full time, Kwik fit requires that – 

  • You must have a Student Beans account for this discount to apply
  • You must also show your valid student identification when using the discount
  • You must check the details of the discounted service you prefer to see if the discount can be applied or not
  • The student discount code3 cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount offered at Kwik fit.

Other discounts and promos

Kwik fit constantly have additional discounts and offers on their products and services. The trick is to always be on top of them by going through their website regularly and making use of the offers before they expire. Some of the current ones they have are;


Kwik fit has lived up to its name of being the leading company in matters to do with car servicing and maintenance. They have further demonstrated their awareness that keeping a car in top shape can be very expensive and they have provided discounts that help with this, especially for students who have financial constraints and may find managing a vehicle very difficult. The student discount at Kwik fit is frequently updated and applies online.

Frequently asked questions
  1. What can Kwik fit do for you?

It makes your driving experience more enjoyable by repairing and servicing your car.

  1. Why should I get the Kwik fit student discount?

The student discount helps you get the much-needed improvements on your car while saving some cash on the service.

Kwik fit Student Discount

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