How Do Amazon Gift Cards Work?

Amazon is one e-commerce store that has helped a lot in this digital age and during the COVID-19 Pandemic especially with their gift cards. Amazon gift cards can be gifted to anybody, including loved ones, teammates, and even employees. The gift cards can be used to buy almost anything on earth, from Amazon except for—well, except for humans and some things considered illegal. Let us learn ‘How to do Amazon Gift Cards Work?’.

How Do Amazon Gift Cards Work?

How does Amazon Gift Cards work?

Amazon gift cards are like cheques loaded with some amount of money and sent to the intended recipient, only that the gift cards are used only on Amazon after redemption.

Amazon Gift Cards Features

Amazon gift card include various characteristics :-

  • There are no fees attached and the cards never expire. 
  • You can put in any amount or any design available from the hundreds of designs on Amazon. 
  • You cannot be refunded, nor can you return Amazon gift cards after ordering. 
  • You can schedule gift cards for up to a year. 
  • Immediate delivery of gift cards, except for physical cards which may take up to 24 hours. 
  • Amazon gift cards can only be used to buy any item sold on Amazon or its affiliates. 

Types Of Amazon Gift Cards

There are different types of Amazon gift cards that can be gifted depending on preference.

  1. Gift Cards By Mail

Gift cards by mail can come in various fancy designs or packaging depending on your taste. After making your choice and after paying, Amazon would deliver the gift card to the intended recipient. You can get  a day free shipping from Amazon only if you select One-day shipping. 

  1. E-gift Cards From Amazon

The E-gift cards are very easy to order and to deliver. The E-gift card can be sent through the email and also through text messages, only after you have entered the amount to be sent or you use a pre-set amount. Using the E-gift card, you can send messages to several people at once or at a later scheduled date. You can also buy  gift cards in very large quantities through the Amazon Incentive Program. 

The delivery period of the E-gift card is usually 3-5 minutes; that is when there are no issues with your internet or cards used for payments.

  1. Print-At-Home E-gift cards from Amazon.

This is also very easy. After inputting the amount and making payments for the quantity needed you can go on to the Order Section, and then print it. The process would not take much time, and delivery period is usually within 10 minutes.

  1. Anytime Gift Cards

Amazon have greeting cards that can be designed for any occasion you can think of; it could be for employees, Mothers Day, Father’s Day, baby shower, anniversary, birthdays and so many more. 

Inside the greeting cards, the gift cards are embedded. These cards are not loaded with cash and lack value. 

However, you can load it up with cash by logging in to your Amazon account, inputting  the serial number on the card, and loading it with cash up to $2000. 

The gift card is then active and can be delivered within 24-48 hours. 

How to redeem Amazon Gift Card?

The processes involved in redeeming Amazon gift cards are very simple and straightforward.

You just have to:

  1. Go on and tap on the three lines stacked horizontally, and then tap Accounts (for those using the Amazon mobile app for IOS or Android) or Accounts & Lists (for those using the Amazon website) 
  2.  A menu bar would surface, click on Gift Card Balance.
  3. Enter in the code on the gift card, and make purchases from the gift card balance. The gift card can be saved for future use. Pro: the balance never expires. Cons: it cannot be transferred to another individual nor can it be used to get gift cards.

How to order Gift Cards from Amazon?

To order any type of the Amazon gifts cards known in the world, you have to:

  1. Go on to your mobile app or the website, click on gift cards
  2. Choose your desired type of gift card.
  3. Input amount.
  4. Click on Add to Cart, after that, click on Proceed to Check out
  5. Input your payment details to purchase the gift card, and then click Continue.
  6. Click on Place Your Order, and you are done.

Note: Amazon can not change the type of gift card after you have selected and placed an order. The only way they can cancel orders is when you make Print-at-home gift card orders and that is after contacting them.


Amazon gift cards are ideal, especially when you are quarantining and cannot think of a gift. Amazon cards can be ordered or redeemed from either the website or app; using any device available. After redemption, you can always keep track of how much balance is remaining. Good thing that your balance never expires.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Can You Change Gift Card Orders?

You can not change your gift card orders once you have placed orders. The only exception is the Print-at-home gift cards. To cancel Print-at-home orders, contact Amazon. 

How To Use Redeemed Gift Cards?

After redeeming your gift card, the funds are immediately added to your account and you  use it automatically to purchase your next order.

In a situation where your order is above your gift card balance, Amazon would charge you from whatever payment method you use on Amazon.

 Do Amazon Allow Purchases Of Gift Cards In Bulk?

Amazon allows you to order gift cards for business or a corporation. You even have rights to use their name or logo after you have been given permission. It is however prohibited to use their name or logo to promote your business.

For more information on how to purchase gift cards for businesses or corporations, go to

How Do Amazon Gift Cards Work?

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