Is Charmed Aroma Jewelry real?

Jewelry is always the first choice accessory for women to attract their personalities. It is never rejected from ancient to modern times and always comes with new designs in different materials with the advancement of time. Many famous companies come forward to make beautiful designs of jewelry. One of the most amazing companies is a charmed Aroma jewelry company that gives surprising jewelry as a gift in its products to the customers. Is charmed Aroma jewelry real?

Is Charmed Aroma Jewelry real?

The Charmed Aroma jewel is absolutely real and the finest in its products. It charms the customers by providing mostly rings or necklaces in its products. The jewel is wrapped in aluminum foil and hidden in the candle and bath bomb. In addition, Charmed Aroma is an e-commerce organization in North America. The company started with the theme of a combination of jewelry and candle which both denote love.  Furthermore, in search of the best gift for his beloved, the company owner found the surprising gift of the jewel in candles. Because his girlfriend likes both candles and jewelry. Also, the company manufacturers its products with fascinating smells to save pleasing memories. Besides that, Charmed Aroma uses soy wax to prepare candle products to produce a clean and longer burn.

Two main products of Charmed Aroma

There are two main products of Charmed Aroma in which jewelry is hidden under the materials are as follows:

  1. Charmed Aroma Candle

The candle of this company is prepared with cotton and thread, not by a lead thread. Therefore, it is pollution-free and avoids health risks. Also, it gives a sweet smell without a carbon scent. Moreover, the price value of rings varies from$10,$100, and $5000. Along with it, wax is chosen from North American farmers to prepare the best candles.

From which material are Charmed Aroma rings made?

Charmed Aroma rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets are of 925 sterling silver. These rings contain 100% AAA zirconia gemstones.

Some of the varieties of Charmed Aroma candles are given below: 

  • Bunny Love

It hides a 925 sterling silver necklace in a protective bag and is covered with aluminum foil. It has a pleasant mixture of blue raspberry, whipped sugar, and fresh strawberry. Its size is 12 oZ/ 340 grams, equal to two lead candles. And it takes two weeks for the delivery process.

  • Wild Bloom

There is a 925 sterling silver floral ring enclosed in a bag which is suppressed under the candle. When the candle is burned, it gives the essence of bright honeyed lemon, smooth vanilla orchid, and rich cedarwood. It is of the same size as the Bunny Love candle.

The dark creative design rings are hidden in a Harry Potter jar candle. When this candle burns, it reminds the users of Harry Potter’s play. Its magical smell is a blend of creamy vanilla, earl grey tea, the fragrance of lemongrass, and brown sugar. The size of this candle is 8.5 oZ) 240 GMs equal to one wick candle. One of the special features of this candle, buyers can reuse the jar of the Harry Potter candle.

  • Velvet Pom- Pom Candle

It concealed a pink ring in its body. Velvet Pom- Pom candle looks beautiful and gives a sense of thrilling smell. Its scent gives the pleasure of juicy pink grapefruit, sweet musk, and fresh-cut pear. It burns for approximately 15-20 hours.

  1. Bath Bomb

Bath bombs are also designed with pleasant smells in different shapes. There is jewelry hidden in the bath bomb too. These bath bombs consist of cosmetic grade pigment, flower bud, food-grade color, Aloe, Olive oil, citric acid, sodium bicarbonate, Shea Butter, propylene glycol, perfume and may contain garnish sugar. 

Some of the varieties of Charmed Aroma candles are given below:

  • Coconut Vanilla

Coconut Vanilla bath bomb concealed silver ring of size 7 that can be fit according to the need. This bath bomb nourishes the skin with the scent of warm vanilla and creamy coconut in the bathtub. Further, the ring is enclosed in a water-resistant capsule in a Coconut Vanilla bathtub.

  • Golden Egg Bath Bomb

Golden Egg bath bomb hides a gold ring of champagne golden color. Its smell is a grill blend of champagne sugar nectarine, sparkling pink, and soft aroma. Also, this bath bomb transforms the color of steam or bubbles into pink and orange due to the golden color.


Charmed Aroma jewel company has something unique to amaze the customers with different pretty designs of jewels inside the products. In addition, purchasers can guess the idea of jewelry by seeing pictures. Charmed Aroma products give rapturous feelings through their smell and jewelry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Does Charmed Aroma offer the same ring in two different products?

Ans) Charmed Aroma fit rings in the products randomly. So, it may happen to find the same ring in two different products.

Q)  Who is the owner of Charmed Aroma company?

Ans)  Winston Chiu is the owner of Charmed Aroma company. 

Is Charmed Aroma Jewelry real?

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