How To Buy Amazon Gift Cards?

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Shopping can never be enough and adding products to the whishlist has become our daily activity. Bill is the only thing that marks a full stop on the shopping. What if I told you that there is a way to minimize your bill? Yeah, you heard it right just like Starbucks and others, amazon has gift cards that will provide you discounts and other exciting offers. Here we will see about amazon gift cards.

Exploring is fun and when it comes to shopping you explore right, why not explore different ways to reduce your bill. It sounds pretty cool.So let me first tell you what an amazon gift card is and how you can use it .

Amazon Gift Cards.

What is an Amazon gift card?

Amazon gift cards are basically vouchers which offer discounts on products, bills, payment and many others. These gift cards can be attained in three different types ; physical , e-gift cards and anytime gift cards.

Anytime gift cards are cards that are purchased with zero value and then you can load balance in them and activate them later.

Steps to buy amazon gift cards

You can buy amazon gift cards at-

1.Retail stores – Stores such as walmart, walgreens, ect . Here, you can physically get your amazon gift card. It is a physical card.

a.You have to choose/select your type/value.

b.Then share your mobile number and you will further receive otp ,which has to be shared with the  retailer, as it is a confirmation and then just make  your  payments.

2.Website- So the easiest and fastest way to get the amazon gift card is through the website of amazon. 

Follow these steps:

a.You need to visit the website of amazon and then search gift cards  for the search option, then select your type and add to cart and then click proceed to checkout.

b.Then fill in all the information that is needed and the payment method then select continue and click on Place your order.

c.Any other site- you can also get your gift card through different websites by filling up all the information and selecting your type.

After you have bought your gift card you need to follow the next step, so that you can use it.

Steps to redeem your gift card:

To have access to your card,  you need to redeem it, to enjoy the offer and discounts; follow these simple steps if you have physical card-

1.Visit your website and log in.

2.Go to redeem gift cards and then fill in the code and required information .

3.Then select Add to your balance

If you have received mailed, then you can add the gift card through your email by clicking on the Add to my account.

After you have redeemed your amazon gift card the money will be transferred into your account and the amount will be applied to your further orders that are eligible. 

How to use your amazon gift card?

So after you have performed all the process of buying the gift cards and then you have redeemed it, you need to know how it’s used.

At the time when you proceed with the payment method after you are done with your shopping, you will get an option, where the gift card value according to your selected card value is present, simply select that and proceed to continue and proceed to place your order. 

Your amazon gift card expires in 1 year (365 days) from the date of purchase. So use it to the fullest and catch the best offers. There are a wide range of products on which you can apply and redeem your card such as electronics (tv, speakers, mobile phone, etc) , travel payments,  your bill and many more.

Some frequently asked questions-

1.What type of product comes under the gift cards?

Answer.  There is a wide range of products such as electronics, bills, beauty products, recharge, tv, grocery and many more.

2.What are the availability of gift cards?

Answer. The denominations available are $15, $25, $50 and many more, you can choose the amount according to your choice. 

3. What is the duration of gift cards?

Answer. 365 days or 1 year is the duration of the gift card from the date of purchase.

You can share and gift your amazon gift cards to your family members and friends. You can utilise it in festive sales and special sales. By sharing your card code with your friends or family, you can share your gift card and enjoy its benefits. 

Amazon gift cards are an economical way to minimise your bill. Best way to utilise the digital offers and enjoy the benefit. So, the next time you are shopping, consider amazon gift card once and you will enjoy it.

Be a smart shopper.

Happy shopping!

How To Buy Amazon Gift Cards?

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