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Sour cream is a popular fermented milk products product that is used in a variety of recipes. It is commonly used as a topping for soups as well as baked potatoes, but it can also be using it as an active component in baked goods such as cakes, cookies, and biscuits. It gets made by combining cream (the high-fat layer skimmed off of the top of whole milk) and lactic acid bacteria. These bacteria digest the sugar in the cream, known as lactose, and produce lactic acid as a byproduct. Sour cream has dairy and non-dairy substitutes, such as cashews, coconut cream, White Beans, Mayonnaise, Sour Cream (Vegan), Crema Mexicana, and more. The lactic acid makes the cream more acidic, giving it a tangy, sour flavor. Let us see about Sour Cream Alternative.

Sour Cream Alternative

Best Non-Dairy Substitutes


Drench a cup of raw cashews for at least 3 hours in a water bowl at room temperature. Drain & rinse the cashews under ice water when finished. Combine the cashews, lemon juice, two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar, 13 cups of water, and one teaspoon of salt in a blender. On high speed, puree until completely smooth as well as creamy. Add more cider vinegar or lime juice to taste if the mixture isn’t tangy enough.

Coconut Cream

Start by removing the creamy, compressed thin coating of coconut fat once chilled, leaving the liquid oil alone. Combine 1 to 2 teaspoons lime juice, 14 teaspoons white vinegar, and salt to taste in a mixing bowl. Stir until seamless and well combined. Add a splash of your favorite non-dairy milk, such as coconut milk, to liquefy it if the cream is too thick.

White Beans

Mix any baked white beans, including such cannellini, with cider vinegar, a sprinkle of Dijon mustard, and salt to make a creamy alternative for sour cream. This protein-rich mixture helps add to batters and is an excellent vegan-friendly baking ingredient. This sauce can also be used as a mayonnaise substitute to spread on sandwiches, bread, and even veggie burgers.


To add moisture to baked goods, use this rich as well as fatty alternative in a 1:1 ratio with sour cream. Be aware, however, that this ingredient appears to lack the acidity as well as tangy flavor of classical sour cream. To achieve a similar result to the original, add a splash of white vinegar to your batter.

Sour Cream (Vegan)

This may seem obvious, but vegan sour cream does exist so it is delicious! Our  favorites are Forager Project’s coconut as well as cashew milk, tapioca, purified vinegar, but also live energetic cultures.

Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is a great nondairy substitute for sour cream. Coconut milk, to not be confused with coconut water, is made from freshly grated coconut meat. Coconut milk is lactose free as well as vegan, making it an excellent choice for those who are allergic to milk or have dietary restrictions. Surprisingly, it works well as a sour cream substitute.

Best Dairy Substitutes


When looking for an easy solution to replace a missing ingredient, plain yogurt is probably your best bet. It easily replaces sour cream in recipes at a one-to-one proportion, trying to make conversions simple. To add moisture and richness to recipes quite like Cream Cheese Cardamom Pear Cake, use full-fat as well as Greek plain yogurt to imitate the tangy, creamy flavorings of traditional sour cream.


Buttermilk is a tangy, acidic alternative that adds moisture to baked goods. However, please remember that it has a much looser and liquid consistency than sour cream. To balance out the wet food product ratios, use three-fourths cup buttermilk for each and every cup of sour cream called for in the recipe.

Fraîche Crème

Though comparable to sour cream, crème fraîche is significantly high in calories and fat and lacks the signature tangy flavor of its counterpart. Even so, the two are so equivalent in texture and flavor that they can be used interchangeably on a one-to-one basis. Use this nutrient to substitute sour cream in baked goods batters or to top boiled potatoes and any creamy soup.

Cream cheese

If you haven’t found any  yogurt or crème fraîche in your refrigerator, whip out a wall of cream to get all the task done. Merge this denser component with a little milk as well as buttermilk to loosen the consistency. Utilize six ounces of whipped cream and 2 tbsp of milk as well as buttermilk to make one cup of sour cream.

Cottage Cheddar

Cottage cheese is another option for sour cream, which may come as a surprise. To achieve a similar consistency, combine the cottage cheese with such a small amount of lime juice or cider vinegar.


If you’re unfamiliar with kefir, it’s essentially yogurt for adults. It has a tangier flavor than most yoghurts and is ideal for smoothies. Unflavored versions can be used in pancake mixture, salad dressings, and dips. It’s a little too thin for sprinkling on top of tortillas, so avoid that.

Crema Mexicana

Consider sour cream, but just a little thinner and less sour. It’s a mainstay in Mexican food preparation and it can be substituted for sour cream in most recipes.

Conclusion on Sour Cream Alternative

Sour cream is a well-known ingredient. Some people, however, require a tasty substitute due to allergies, preferences, or simply because they require a quick replacement for just a recipe. Some sour cream substitutes work best as toppings as well as dressings, while others work well in baked goods. If you are looking for a sour cream substitute that won’t ruin the flavor of your  favorite dish, go with one of the options on this list. Whereas, sour cream is a popular food for too many, some people are unable or unwilling to use it due to personal preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Why do we need substitutes of sour cream?

A) Sour cream may need to be substituted for a number of reasons, including:

  • Milk allergy
  • Lactose intolerance
  • Vegan diet
  • Low-fat diets
  • Health reasons
  • Taste or missing ingredient

Q) What Makes Sour Cream Sour?

A) When lactic acid bacteria are introduced to dairy cream, a slightly tart, creamy substance results.

Sour Cream Alternative – Know more

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