Can you buy Safeway stocks?

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Safeway Inc. is a leading supermarket chain in the United States founded by Marion Barton Skaggs about 106 years ago in 1915. It operates in more than 900 locations serving 17 states in the United States and headquartered in Pleasanton, California. The company has grown incredibly from a small grocery store to a big supermarket chain.

Safeway Stocks
Know how to buy safeway stocks now

Earlier, the store was dedicated to selling the products at a low price and was taking only a low-profit margin. After expanding the original shop into a western chain, several investors invested in it, and now it runs more than 900 stores. Seeing its magnificent growth from the last decade, people want to know does Safeway sell their stocks? Can you buy Safeway stocks? In 2015, Safeway disconnected itself from trading publicly, but its parent company Albertsons Companies still trades Safeways stock publically. If so, continue reading through the article. You will get to know about Safeway’s stock exchange holdings. 

Is Safeway selling its stocks? 

Investing in retail or grocery stores has always been successful for many people. The high sales numbers have proven the success rate of Safeway. Many Safeway customers wonder about investing in its stocks but are confused. Earlier, Safeway was trading its stock publicly on the New York Stock Exchange, but in 2015, it discontinued its public trading. Since it became a private company, only some can invest in their stocks directly. You may be happy to know that Safeway’s parent company Albertsons Company is still trading publically in the New York Stock Exchange. 

Who owns Safeway’s stock? 

Albertsons Companies is Safeway’s parent company, which means they own it. Now it owns Safeway, which means all its stocks and investments are officially owned and handled by the Albertsons. As Safeway doesn’t trade on the stock directly to the public, you can only buy stock from investing it through privately dealing with Albertsons. Earlier, it was also a possibility that employees of Safeway are allowed to invest in stock once they are employed if they wish to. However, currently in 2022, it is not confirmed whether Safeway’s employees get the option to invest in stock or not. 

Is Albertsons trading their stocks?

Albertsons Companies has returned to public trading and has listed on NYSE ( New York Stock Exchange.) People have the opportunity to purchase stock in Albertsons nonetheless. If you want to buy the stock at the Albertsons companies, you must follow these steps. 

  • Step1: Firstly, you must choose a trading table platform. Albertsons offers various options for investors to choose their trading platforms, such as Wealthsimple Trade and Interactive Brokers. These platforms are user-friendly. 
  • Step2: Next, On the trading platform, you need to create an account Type all the details there, your ID, bank details, and national insurance number. 
  • Step3: Once accounts get active, the next step is to confirm the source of payment that you need to have with a bank transfer or a debit/credit card. 
  • Step4: Once your account gets active, you can search for stocks available at the Albertsons website by typing its stock code. ACI is the stock code of Albertsons. 
  • Step5: Once you have searched the company code, you can scroll down and choose from all the various types of stock available. Select the stock of your choice, and then you can buy it. 

Is Albertsons or another company’s stock similar to Safeway?

As Albertsons is Safeway’s parent company, their stocks are somewhat similar to Safeway. The same happens with many other companies or grocery stores. These stores offer stock similar to Safeway. Some companies such as Kroger, Amazon, Walmart, and many others. 

Should you believe in the stock of Safeways or its parent company? 

As per the result technical analysis of ACI, You buy the stocks of Safeway or its parent company. The technical survey is conducted in real-time ratings based on the most popular technical indicator. You can find the analysis as soon as you sign in to the company’s official website. The particular survey does not give you a guarantee of success. Everything depends upon your stock performance. Technical analysis only gauges the real-time recommendation based on three techniques: moving average, oscillation, and pivots. 


As mentioned Safeway is no longer trading in the stock exchange publicly on NYSE. But its parent company Albertsons Companies trades on the stock market. Hence, you can purchase Safeway’s stock indirectly from its parent company. You can also view a survey through technical analysis of Safeway’s stock on its official website. It may help you get some idea about the stock to buy it or not. Nevertheless, you can buy the stock of Safeway. 

Frequently asked questions about Safeway’s stock

Q- Can you buy the stock at Safeway?

A- As Safeway is not trading on stock publically. But its parent company Albertsons still trades, so you can buy Safeways stock there. 

Q- At what price the Safeways stock is available? 

A- The close price of Safeway’s stock is 35.10$ 

Q- Who owns Safeways stock?

A- All Safeway’s stock gets owned by its parent company, Albertsons Companies. 

Can you buy Safeway stocks?

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