Big Lots Carpet Cleaner Rental

When we talk about reliability when it comes to purchasing home household goods, Big Lots can be mentioned as one of the most reliable stores to do so. With over 1400 stores across 47 states in the United States, the retail serves all the 48 states in North America including the District of Columbia (Contiguous America). Big Lots is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio with over 23000 employees it is not surprising that the 1967 founded retail has close to thirty-seven subsidiaries, which is amazing! The retail’s extensive range of commodities is designed majorly to result in better space. The main wonder is that does the store provides carpet cleaner rental services to its customers or case one is looking for such service in Big Lots.

Big Lots Carpet Cleaner Rental

Big Lots carpet cleaner rental, is it even real?

Well, if you were wondering about whether or not Big Lots provides carpet cleaner rental service, yes! Big Lots provides carpet cleaner rental services through their subsidiary company Bissell Rental rack..

The availability of the services is limited to several selected stores. The cost for hiring Bissell’s services vary based on different factors, for instance, the number of hours, and the location of the customer. 

For 24-hours of Bissell carpet cleaning will cost 29.99 bucks and 48- hours of services goes up to 39.99 bucks. Apart from renting their carpet cleaning services, Bissell also allows customers to hire cleaning formulas and other accessories at an additional fee.

Where do I get the carpet rental services? Bissell’s or Big Lot

If you are still wondering whether one can hire a carpet cleaner from Big Lots, then this is for you; a customer is allowed to rent a carpet cleaning machine from specific Big Lot’s stores, the carpet cleaning services are offered by Bissel but one has to rent the services through Big Lots selected stores.

 Additionally, interested customers can acquire Bissel’s rental big green deep cleaning machine for hire in Bissell rental racks.  In addition to that, if one only requires a small carpet cleaning machine for cleaning just small messes, then the “little green pro” portable carpet cleaner is well suited for such.

Both the “Little green pro” carpet cleaning machine and the “Bissell rental big green deep cleaning machine” are available for rental from Big Lots and at Bissel in front of the store respectively.  If you got some little amount to spare then you can do the additional rental of some accessories like carpeted stairs, upholstery. 

How do I hire carpet Big Lots rental services?

To rent carpet cleaning services from Big Lots, one has to go through Bissell’s rental service which can be found at Big Lots selected stores. 

  • To begin, you have to confirm whether or not your Big Lots local store offers Bissell’s services using a location finder. 
  • You can as well make the work easier by narrowing the search to as close as a 5-mile radius using the zip code. 
  • Once the search is done and you have confirmed that your local store offers Bissell rental services, then you have to fill the rental form online available at Bissell’s website. 
  • Once filled, the form is printed and taken to the Big Lots store for the final process. Prior filling of the online and printing saves an amount of time when you proceed to check out. 
  • Another option is to fill out the form at Bissell’s rental services desk with the help of their reps.

How much do you pay for Big Lots carpet cleaning rental services?

The basic package starts at 29.99 bucks for twenty-four hours or just a day.

One can also opt for the 48-hours deal which costs 39.99 bucks, this deal is suitable especially for those who have messed up and larger carpets, or those families with many rooms all suited with carpets.

A point to be noted! The prices are dependent on a customer’s location. For additional 5 bucks per rental period, one can add other cleaning accessories whose prices also vary depending on the location you are renting from. 

Additionally, if a customer prefers on accompanying the rentals with the cleaning formulas, then a cost of between 13.99 and 22.99 bucks per 32 oz bottle of the formula while the 52 oz bottle goes for between 18.99 and 29.99 bucks. 

Are customers allowed to extend the carpet cleaning rental period from Big Lots?                 

Unfortunately, one cannot extend the rental period from Big Lots. In case you find a customer finds himself/herself in such a situation then it is advisable that he/she return the rented items first and then request or re-rent again. My advice would be that for an additional 10 bucks one can hire the items for 48-hours and make sure that such a situation never happens. 


The availability of Big Lots carpet rental services in only selected stores across the 47 states is quite unfortunate, however, if you are lucky enough to have one close to you, then enjoy cleaning your carpets and avoid fleas!  

Big Lots Carpet Cleaner Rental

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