Cincinnati Bell Internet Review – Know More

Let’s see the review about the Cincinnati Bell Internet. Cincinnati has been providing its clients with direct communication since the late 1800s. Commencing its operations in Ohio, Cincinnati now covers a total client base of approximately 2400 square miles within the following three states Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. Residents from these states can comfortably enjoy telephone and internet services courtesy of Cincinnati bell services. Cincinnati bell’s provisions include Cincinnati bell wi-fi (whole home) and Fiber optics internet commonly known as the “Fioptics”.  

Cincinnati Bell Internet Review

The “goods and Bads” about Cincinnati bell internet services  

Rising to its prominence in a market with different providers of the same services offered by the Cincinnati bell company, there are few goods and other options that customers may consider adjustments. when it comes to the pros of its services, we all agree that the following services are top-notch as compared to its bitter rivals; 

  • When it comes to the fastness of its internet speed, Cincinnati bell’s internet offers great surfing and streaming experiences with faster internet speeds just like the other Fiber giant providers. 
  • Cincinnati bell’s internet features no artificial restrictions on data transfer (bandwidth cap). 
  • Its services are price locked with no contracts. 

Just like any service provider dealing with any kind of service, there are challenges with the need for adjustment from time to time as the market forces dictate, Cincinnati bell is no different, with the basic satisfaction of its customers’ needs, the internet provider still lads in some aspects including,  

  • Cincinnati bell services are only limited to several areas like the states of Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.
  • Additionally, to enjoy its services, additional equipment rental is required. 
  • The majority of its subscribers can justly argue that its most affordable plan is a bit costly as the plan starts at $50 per month. 

Cincinnati bell plans to review

When compared with Cox or Xfinity, Cincinnati’s bell plan can be viewed as much more affordable offering the same internet speed as Cox and Xfinity at much lower costs. This is quite surprising given that their affordable plan starts at 50 bucks per month! However, the real deal is in comparison with how much its rival and mate (Cox and Xfinity) charge for the same features offered by Cincinnati bell’s most affordable plan. The expensiveness in the cons is about the customer’s willingness to pay and what one may think on the rational amount that should be charged for an affordable basic monthly plan. 

Cincinnati versus others (Cox, and Xfinity)

With 50 bucks per month Bell internet services provide you with a basic plan (Fiber optics essential) of 250 Mbps internet download speed, on the contrary, Xfinity offers a basic plan with the internet download speed of as low as 25 Mbps while Cox’s plan starts with the download speed of as low as 150 Mbps.   

Additionally, all Cincinnati’s internet plans come with a free email account, no bandwidth cap, and the ability to stream HD videos smoothly on more than 10 devices. If one is interested in having his/her internet secured or a wireless getaway, then an upgrade to the Cincinnati bell’s premier version will be able to meet those. 

Cincinnati speed variations and family preferences 

With the break of the Covid-19, most states were locked down to curb the spread of the disease, this however did not mean that those working were to stop doing their jobs, in leu, most companies migrated to remote working from the comfort of one’s bed and couch.

 With every family member locked in with school and job access only done remotely, Cincinnati bell’s advanced plan would be the best option offering up to 1 Gbps and up to 250 Mbps upload speed, this allows one to stream from multiple and multiple devices with zero lags and no caps, children can easily stream on Netflix, HBO, or Hulu and watch without buffering due to the superfast internet speed.  

Another cool option can be to choose a fully loaded bundle that features HBO max, whole-home wi-fi (premium), and Cincinnati bell optics internet service with 1Gbps speed.   

How about the fees, contracts, and equipment? 

Cincinnati Bell subscribers do not require contracts for the internet services they receive, however, they are required to pay for the equipment rental where some service fees may be charged. Subscribers or its users do not require to sign any contracts but are on the other hand the Cincinnati Bell company will require you to lock your prices for between 2 to 3 years which is dependent on one’s plan.  

It costs 9.99 bucks a month to lease the wireless gateway which is returned to the company upon the cancellation of their services. 

Can Cincinnati bell services be compared with other companies’ services? 

The answer is yes! To assume that Cincinnati’s services are better than Xfinity or Cox, a comparison has to be done.  

For amounts ranging between 44.99 and 79.99 bucks a month, Cincinnati Bell offers internet download speeds between 500 Mbps and 1Gbps and upload speeds ranging between 125 Mbps and 250 Mbps.  Compared with Spectrum provision, one should expect to receive internet download and upload speeds of between 250 Mbps and 940 Mbps and 10 Mbps and 35 Mbps respectively for 49.99 and 109.99 bucks a month. Viasat is no different from Spectrum, for between $64.99 and $169.99 a month one should expect an internet download speed of between 12 Mbps and 30 Mbps while the upload speed is constant at 3 Mbps.  

Closing thoughts     

Having done the above comparison, my thoughts are exactly what you are thinking, yes what you are thinking! Without having conflicting thoughts, I choose Cincinnati Bell internet over the other providers for its superb services and crazy fast internet speeds. 

Cincinnati Bell internet customer contacts

Call: (833) 321-1042 

Text: (513) 866-4641 

Online: Live Chat and Email 

Cincinnati Bell Internet Review – Know More

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