HBO Max Free Trial- Read To Know More

HBO Max is a streaming platform that streams the most popular and oncoming tv serials and movies. The streaming content includes documentaries, science fiction, action movies, comedy shows, and romance dramas. HBO Max was launched in 2020 by Warner Bros. Let us know more detail about ‘HBO Max Free Trial’.

HBO Max Free Trial

HBO Max Free Trial

The first launching of HBO Max came with an advantage of a 7-day free trial for new subscribers. But unfortunately, as of now, HBO has ceased to offer such a bonus on new subscriptions and there is no telling when the free trial period will return. it may renew the free trial policy soon in the United States, but for the time being subscribers can enjoy other cheaper options of monthly subscription on it and still enjoy the theatrical experience they would expect in a free trial. The details and available subscriptions on HBO Max are listed below.

Ways to get HBO Max Free Trial:

The 7-day free trial period provided by HBO Max lasted only from its launch in May 2020 till early December on the release of Wonder Woman 1984 on this platform. Since then, it has not yet renewed its free trial policy. But there are alternative subscription plans which vary regionally and may provide a cheap way to still enjoy the entertainment of HBO’s classics. For its new subscribers in Europe, it provided a lifetime subscription at half the price in place of charging the full subscription fee or a temporary free trial.

If a provider includes an HBO Max free trial as part of their promotional package or subscription, it will be visible on their sign-up page.

HBO Max through Hulu:

If you are a Hulu subscriber, you can add HBO Max to your subscription as an add-on. In this way, you can avail of the 7-day free trial. 

  • Visit and go to your account settings.
  • Scroll down to your subscriptions and select the option “Manage add-ons”.
  • Add HBO Max and confirm after reviewing changes. 

The Hulu base plan will add your HBO Max add-on and show the trial ending date. You can enjoy the free trial of HBO Max till the trial ending date. Other than Hulu, if you buy a Roku product, you can avail yourself of a 30-day free trial for it. Verizon also provides a 7-day free trial for HBO Max.

HBO Max through Amazon Prime Video Channels:

If you are an Amazon Prime member who has never used it, you can still enjoy a 7-day free trial of the program. You just need to follow these simple steps to avail of your HBO Max 7-day Trial:

  • Go to and log in with your amazon prime account.
  • Click “Get Started”
  • Click the option saying, “Activate your free trial”.
  • Once you’ve subscribed, use your Amazon credentials to access the HBO Max App on your streaming device.
  • After the trial period ends, the cost for a monthly subscription on Amazon is $14.99/month.

Benefits of getting HBO Max free trial:

HBO Max is a digital extension that provides customers with access to over 13,000 hours of television, including exclusive material. HBO Max provides subscribers with premium entertainment from communication channels such as:

HBO DCWarner Bros
DC EntertainmentNew Line
truTVCartoon Network
Crunchyroll RoosterTurner Classic Movies
Adult SwimLooney Tunes

So, if you are planning to get a subscription but are unsure about the choice of programs available on HBO, a free trial is the best way to confirm your uncertainty about a permanent or long-term subscription. If you’ve run out of decent material to watch, HBO Max is well worth the money.

Remember that the HBO Max platform, which is owned by WarnerMedia, includes programs and movies from a variety of networks, including HBO, Max Originals, Cartoon Network, Warner Bros, Turner Classic Movies, and others. HBO Max is more than just HBO. 

TV Plans for HBO Max:

A lot of cable providers feature HBO Max for their clients such as Verizon, Hulu, AT&T, and Direct TV Stream. HBO Max is available on all these cable providers incorporated in their subscription plans. The Ultimate plan for Direct TV stream features a 3-month free trial to HBO Max. AT&T provides free HBO Max trials on specific mobile plans. A list of all the plans is given as follows:

TV PlansSubscription RatesHBO Max Availability
Hulu$6.99 + $14.99 (a month)
Direct TV$79.99 (a month)
Verizon$80 (a month)
Cox$29.99 + $16 (a month)
AT&T FIBER®$69 (a month)


If you are looking for a free trial to decide your choices in subscribing to HBO Max every month, the best option is to choose a free trial plan associated with cable providers if you have any. If not, you can go for the cheaper subscription offered by HBO Max which is the ad-supported tier for $9.99 a month.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What shows are available on HBO Max?

Being a Warner Bros production, HBO Max features all the classic hits that HBO ever produced, plus the new ad-free subscriptions feature all the new releases from HBO Max.

  • Is HBO Max free trial available now?

Unfortunately, HBO Max is not featuring any free trials at this moment and there is no telling when the free trial policy will be renewed.

HBO Max Free Trial- Read To Know More

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