Urban Outfitters Furniture Warranty – Know More

Urban Outfitters is one of the valuable retail companies specifically famous for its on-trend women’s and men’s clothing. It was founded in 1970 by the University of Pennsylvania and now it has 200 stores across the US, Europe and Canada. Its two business designs “retail and wholesale” are both appreciated in the business industry.  It inspires its customers through its unique combination of products and carries cloth, home decor, furniture, music and tech shops etc. Let us know about ‘Urban Outfitters Furniture Warranty’.

Urban Outfitters Furniture Warranty

Urban Outfitters buyers and sellers can comfortably return items without any trouble. When you buy an item and are not satisfied with it, Urban Outfitters will give you the leverage to return the item within a limited period of the purchase date. Similarly, they offer a furniture warranty for a specific time and make their customers satisfied with the free and applicable return policy. Let’s take a detailed analysis of the current policies of Urban Outfitters related to furniture return and exchange.

Urban Outfitters Warranty Policy

Urban Outfitters (UO) return or exchange the items that are unused and defective. Suppose you have bought a product and want to return it, UO allows you to return the item within 30 days. They issue full payment within 30 days of return time.  They accept both mail and store return policies. But as far as furniture is concerned, they get 30 days to return or exchange furniture items by the carrier, not in stores. They guarantee the quality of the furniture and give you back your payment within one year of return. Similarly, when you find any defect in furniture after buying, you will have a one year warranty and can return or exchange it and get your payment.

What does the Warranty Entails?

When you select the furniture item from the store and want to return it within 30 days of its purchase, you will get your full payment back. There are some requirements for claiming your payment. These are:

  1. Made-to-order items will not be refundable or exchangeable
  2. The company will not be responsible to refund the shipping charges including taxes that are fixed according to state laws
  3. The company will not accept damaged or broken products that may be caused during transportation. So transfer the item carefully from store to home and bring it back in new condition for a refund
  4. UO is not responsible for lost items, it will the responsibility of the consumer
  5. In case of damaged or broken furniture, you can get your refund within one year if you experience any defect
  6. If you will return after 30 days or before one year, you will receive a refund in form of the merchandise credit

Urban Outfitters Furniture Warranty instructions

 However, when you return furniture, you need to follow these instructions

You cannot return furniture in store

The company will not return or exchange the customized furniture once purchased

You have to email furniture@urbanoutfitters.com or call (800) 732-2306 to return pick up if it is delivered by truck.

If you get the furniture through UPS then mail it to them directly

 How to Claim Warranty Online?

 If you want to return or exchange an online order, you will send the item by mail or change it from the UO store. The $5 is a restocking fee for the mailed return. While returning or exchanging in-store, you need to take your packing slip or order confirmation email for easy return. However, follow these steps from your mobile or app.

 Click on ‘Order History in the UO account and tap the item that you need to change or return and click on ‘View Details’. Now select the Return or Exchange button and start the process.

Next, follow the process to print your pre-paid return label. You will get a copy of the return label and an email with tracking information.

Now make your item ready to mail, prepare your package with tape and make sure about its security, remove the previous original label and attach the new one. Now drop off from any authorized carrier

The restocking charges will be $5 and the return time will be 1-2 weeks. They will send you an email and within 3 days you will get your payment back. You will get a new order in the exchange process without delay. But keep it notice to exchange items within 30 days to avoid extra charges.


Urban Outfitters is a prominent brand specifically famous for women’s and men’s clothing. It offers a variety of products including home accessories, clothes, furniture, music and tech shops etc. Its business design ‘retail and wholesale’ is valuable in the business industry. Its terms and conditions related to furniture return give its customers a good opportunity to return and exchange the item without any hassle. It offers a 30-day return policy, gives you a guarantee about the quality of furniture and offers a one-year furniture warranty in case of manufacturing defects. Similarly, you can exchange or return unused furniture items for a refund within one year.

 Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the return period after buying products from Urban Outfitters?

Urban outfitters have a 30 days return or exchange policy from the time of buying.

2. Is it possible to get full payment after returning the item from Urban Outfitters?

Yes, it will give you a full refund for the unused items within 30 days of the order date.

Urban Outfitters Furniture Warranty – Know More

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