Month: February 2018

What is VERO and Why Is Everyone Jumping On The Train?

While scrolling through the nation’s number one app, Instagram, I began to stumble upon updates that read, “follow me on Vero.” And to my question, what is Vero and why should I be downloading it? Essentially, the ad-free app lets users share photos, add links, and recommend books, movies and TV shows to friends. Everyone […]

The Legion of Honor Breathes Life into Casanova’s Europe

“The man of the world is wholly a mask. What he is, is nothing. What he appears to be, is everything.” Jean-Jacques Rousseau wrote these words in the mid-eighteenth century, yet anyone alive in modern society would find it difficult to dispute their truth still today. The allure of mischief, fantasy, and other-worldly celebrity are […]

More Chinese New Year To Celebrate This Weekend in the Bay Area

All those memes about how January lasted six years and February lasted six seconds are on point, because somehow we’ve already arrived at our final weekend of the month. Sure, everyone always looks forward to a classic California spring, but why not linger when there are spring rolls at stake? This weekend we’re focusing on […]

Hayes Valley Welcomed Man Booker Prize Winner, George Saunders

Nourse Theater found its Art Deco self filled to the brim with readers, artists, and liberally minded individuals of the Bay Area as Man Booker Prize Winner, George Saunders, took his seat on the stage. The topic, of course, was his novel, “Lincoln in the Bardo,” released last year to immediate acclaim and fascination. Written […]

Think, Live, and Shop Editorially: VREELA Launches E-Commerce Store

Where the coolest garments come to play, VREELA (a relatively new e-comm store) has just launched their store web-wide. We think it’s pretty chic so we had to photograph it. The new online shopping site VREELA offers brands in editorial quality content in a small (online) store setting. The female founder who has asked to […]

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