Year: 2018

Off The Menu: BiteUnite Brings Co-Working Out Of The Office And Into The Kitchen

Some turn numbers, others cook the books. Hong Kong-based BiteUnite bridges the cafe and co-work culture entirely with their new space in the Mission. BiteUnite is the newest cafe creation to hit San Francisco is a very unique way, “running a successful food business is extremely difficult, especially in San Francisco.” says founder Patta Arkaresvimun. […]

What Does Wine, Matcha, and Running Have In Common? A Full Weekend Guide

Every few years, Britain’s royal family gives us another opportunity to actively not give a shit about one of their weddings. It’s about that time again, so here’s a list of cooler shit to do than watch Meghan Markle defect from Team America.  Give your out of towner friends something to see When: Saturday May […]

Uh Huh Honey, A Book About Kanye West That We Didn’t Know We Needed

When the fandom cries, it screams—for Red Gaskell, a former SF-now-NYC inhabitant, his Kanye West inspired book has reach a sickening level of popularity overnight. When Kanye revived his Twitter account, the internet went wild—so wild, in fact, that the fandom couldn’t keep up. Drawing conclusions left and right about his one-sentence updates, the cryptic […]

Inside The Studio: Fabricating Art with Zai Divecha

Zai Divecha—a multi-faceted artist that knows no bounds in her creative measure.  When we got to meet Zai in her shared Potrero studio, we were greeted with warm vibes, chic interiors, and a space of pure talent. A Yale graduate (in both her undergrad and grad), Zai went on to work in Bay Area tech, […]

Oddball Films On Preserving History, Embracing The Weird, And Its Very Bright Future

Oddball Films is a unique stock footage company specializing in offbeat footage—Their extensive collection of rare, entertaining, eclectic and eye-opening subjects, as well as classic archival, historical and contemporary clips to support your project. Their images have been used in feature films, television, music videos, industrials and multimedia projects worldwide. Oddball Films also provides physical […]

The Master Matcha Guide: How This Powerful Green Powder Gained Its Grassy Roots In Bay Area Food

When I was first introduced to the world of matcha green tea, I was taken aback. A caffeinated beverage that didn’t stir up my overly active heart and made me feel incredibly zen—it was a whole new world for sure. Enter Wenter Shyu: co-founder of Bay Area’s favorite Mochi Muffin and Third Culture Bakery. A […]

The Morning Renaissance: Don’t Worry Guys, Your Mags Are On The Way

Hey gang, long time no chat since I (myself) have not come onto the site to directly speak to you about what’s going on at Bob Cut. Firstly, happy 2018—we made it to the other side of the fence. Some could even say, nue year, nue me. Secondly (and the main reason why we’re here), […]

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