The Power of Tea: Tekuno Invites Us Through The Harvest One Leaf At A Time

During this pandemic, tea drinking has been on the rise. For those looking for a new caffeine crutch or a way to find peace and balance through all of this mess. Catherine Jue, owner of Tekuno, believes in tea that is healing, uplifting, ethical, sustainable—a tea that can do it all. Jue grew up in […]

The Master Matcha Guide: How This Powerful Green Powder Gained Its Grassy Roots In Bay Area Food

When I was first introduced to the world of matcha green tea, I was taken aback. A caffeinated beverage that didn’t stir up my overly active heart and made me feel incredibly zen—it was a whole new world for sure. Enter Wenter Shyu: co-founder of Bay Area’s favorite Mochi Muffin and Third Culture Bakery. A […]

Off The Menu: ENOUGH Coffee And Tea Opens On Kearny

A minimalists paradise, this contemporary coffee spot is drawing in crowds of FiDi lovin’ coffee connoisseurs.  And don’t try and ask for boba, the team over at ENOUGH are excited to be playing around with the power of milk teas, milked coffees, and various other concoctions. Ironically next door to Asha Teahouse, we had to […]

Buy This Now: Tea People’s New Matcha Powder Is Oh So Chic

The Matcha Powder by Tea People, photo courtesy of Tea People When there is whisk, there is a way and this new Tea People matcha, we absolutely crave. We were on the edge of our seat when Tea People, announced their newest high-grade matcha packs on all their social. Made at ceremonial grade quality, we […]

Where To Find San Francisco’s Stylishly Dressed Baristas

When we penned our first “where to find stylish bartenders in the city,” we thought very quickly, “how about the folk who don’t make alcoholic beverages but instead stick to the ultimate drug… Caffeine.” So this quick list was born. Photography by  Monica Semergiu George And Lennie It’s ok to admit that our beard-fomo is evidently […]

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