The Morning Renaissance: Don’t Worry Guys, Your Mags Are On The Way

Hey gang, long time no chat since I (myself) have not come onto the site to directly speak to you about what’s going on at Bob Cut.

Firstly, happy 2018—we made it to the other side of the fence. Some could even say, nue year, nue me.

Secondly (and the main reason why we’re here), ISSUE. FREAKING. 5. Dude, the amount of joy, excitement, and thankfulness I feel stems from the support of you and our amazing team who distill the stories for your reading consumption. It’s been so wonderful that the orders for issue 5 are coming in daily. And as they should, this issue around we featured a cover of hyper-local business owners and business leaders I think we can all aspire to be. Even our small team aspires to any of these powerhouses, honestly and truly.

Though the fact of the matter is, we are a very small team and printing + fulfilling does take a little more time for us. As we said in our issue 3 release post, we are oh-so thankful to our loyal printers, MagCloud. As a “start-up”, we had to find the best collaborators at an affordable reader price point. But as some may know, they print in smaller and slower quantities, making sure the paper, ink, and printing are all safe and up to eco-compliance. 

Normally, one issue of Bob Cut takes up to two days to print, bind, and dry while (depending on what shipping option you choose) could take another 5 to 7 business days to ship. We cannot control the speed of which our magazines will get to you—but once they go out, they are on their way.

So hey, we apologize that your issue may be taking a bit longer than normal (especially with all you amazing people getting your issue today.) But, if say you didn’t want to wait for yours in the mail. There is always our lovely stockists who take in the print copies every season.

But again, you (and as a whole community) we appreciate your love and commitment to Bob Cut and your commitment to local journalism. It makes my (and our team’s) hearts soar.

The Morning Renaissance: Don’t Worry Guys, Your Mags Are On The Way
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