Does Chegg accept prepaid cards?

Here we will see about the Does Chegg accept prepaid cards?

Are you a student? Are you stuck with your assignments or worried about studying for your test? Worry no more; Chegg has you covered. Chegg is an educational technology company that provides textbooks rentals and tutoring services to students.

Does Chegg accept prepaid cards?

Does Chegg accept prepaid cards?

No. Chegg does not accept prepaid cards. Even though Chegg does not accept payments in the form of prepaid cards, other payment methods are acceptable. Chegg offers homework help, textbook purchases, rental services and tutoring to their registered members. Chegg users have to subscribe to either Chegg study or Chegg study pack to access these services. Signing up for a Chegg account is free. Users, however, have to pay to be able to access the various services offered.

Here is all you need to know about Chegg

What is Chegg, and how to pay for its services?

Chegg is an education technology company situated in Santa Clara, California. It offers online tutoring, digital and physical textbook rentals, textbooks purchase and other student services. The company was started in 2005, and by 2013, it started trading publicly on the New York Stock Exchange. By March 2020, 2.9 million people had subscribed to the services offered by Chegg.

The services offered by the company are payable using different debit and credit cards. They are billed monthly and at different prices depending on the preferred subscription plan. After signing up and getting a free Chegg account, users have to subscribe to the other services offered at a fee. You will be asked to fill in your card details prior to obtaining a service as a user.

Payment methods accepted by Chegg

To pay for services offered by Chegg, the following payment methods are acceptable.

  • 1.Visa.
  • 2.MasterCard.
  • 3.American Express.
  • 4,Discover Card.
  • 5.PayPal.
  • 6.Apple Pay (if you subscribe using an iPhone or iPad)
  • 7.Financial aid or scholarship funds are dispersed in a credit/debit card.
  • 8.Chegg credit.

Steps to obtain and subscribe to a Chegg account.

  • 1.Sign up to get a Chegg account. This process is free of charge. Users can sign up on the Chegg website. You will be asked to fill in personal details such as name and set a password to your account
  • 2.After signing up, you have to log in to your already established account with your set password
  • 3.Select the Study option from the category bar.
  • 4.Select Try Chegg Study from the list.
  • 5.Choose whether you want to sign up just for Chegg Study or Chegg Study Pack.
  • 6.Click on Sign up.

How much are Chegg services?

Different Chegg services have different costs. On average, the charges may range from $9 – $20 per month. Chegg study costs around $15, while Chegg Math solver and Chegg writing costs about $10. Finally, the entire Chegg study pack costs $20 monthly.


Chegg is an educational platform that offers assistance and solutions to many student problems and queries. To access these services, users have to sign up to get a free Chegg account and choose a subscription plan that meets their needs. All these services come at a cost. Payment methods include debit and credit cards backed up by a financial institution.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Services offered by Chegg
  2. Chegg generally offers two comprehensive services, Textbook solutions and Expert Questions and Answers.
  3. Textbook solutions
  4. Textbook solutions allow users to search any textbook in their broad database and access content within these textbooks. Furthermore, they can find answers and additional guidance on doing problematic questions in the textbook and even solutions to some problems.
  5. Expert Q and A
  6. This service allows students to ask a team of qualified academic professionals. These professionals then address the different student queries and provide answers, additional information and guidance. Here, students can also request tutoring services from skilled personnel.

Different types of Chegg subscription plans

  • Chegg study

Chegg study allows subscribers to access a variety of study materials and tools. This service costs $14.95 monthly. This subscription plan enables users to study through the platform while accessing many services.

  • Chegg math solver

Are you having trouble with mathematics, statistics or arithmetic? Welcome to Chegg Math solver. This subscription plan exclusively offers mathematical and arithmetic assistance to its subscribers. Any mathematical question can be answered, and you can access several examples and practice questions, all for $9.95 monthly.

  • Chegg writer

Troubles with your essays? For $9.95, Chegg writer is precisely what you need. Chegg writer allows you to access several professionally written essays, compositions and articles on several topics. This subscription plan is helpful as it gives steps and samples of already written materials. You can also get assistance in writing your essay.

  • Chegg study pack

The Chegg study pack is the most expensive subscription plan in Chegg. It contains all the other packages, and members can access all the services as they please. This subscription plan goes for $19.95 monthly.

Does Chegg accept prepaid cards?

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