Does Subway Do Breakfast? – Know more

Whenever we think of a tasty and healthy meal, the only thing that comes to our minds is Subway. It is impossible for someone to hate the healthful combination of fresh vegetables, spicy sauces, and well-cooked bread from Subway. The mind-blowing and most loved sub sandwiches are the favorites of everyone. But the question is can we have them for breakfast? 

Does Subway Do Breakfast?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and hence it should be healthy and delicious as well. This is the reason why subway lovers always ask if Subway serves breakfast or not! If you are one of them, then this article is written for you only. So make sure to go through the entire article. 

Does Subway Do Breakfast?

Yes, Subway does have breakfasts. You can enjoy the mouth-watering menu of Subway for breakfast. 

As we are all familiar with the fact that, breakfast is the first meal of our entire day and it should be good. If our breakfast is good, then the entire day will be good. A good breakfast can enlighten the rest of the day simply. From now onwards make sure to eat something good as your next breakfast. And for a good breakfasts, the only go-to destination for you is Subway. 

So whenever you feel like having something good for breakfasts, make sure to come around the door of Subway. 

What Kind Of Breakfast Does Subway Have? 

Most of the time the kind of breakfasts that Subway serves is their specialty that is sub sandwiches. Now, talking about what you can have in that sub sandwich can vary according to your choices. 

One of the best things about Subway is that you can customize your order. It means that you can add any kind of toppings to your sub sandwich if that particular topping is available at the franchise. 

Along with the toppings and fillings you can also choose different types of sauces to add to your sub sandwiches. So with this option of choosing toppings and sauces, the kind of breakfast available at the subway has many options.  

What does the subway have on their breakfast menu?

Subway serves different types of dishes on their lunch menu. All of them are mentioned below:- 


  • Honey mustard rotisserie-style chicken sandwich
  • Buffalo chicken sandwich 
  • Meatball marinara sandwich
  • Sweet onion chicken teriyaki sandwich
  • Veggie delight sandwich


  • Rotisserie style chicken wrap
  • Oven-roasted turkey wrap
  • Cold cut combo wrap
  • Buffalo chicken wrap 
  • All American club wrap

No Bready Bowls 

  • Baja chicken and bacon bowl
  • Roast beef bowl
  • Oven-roasted Turkey bowl 
  • Subway club bowl
  • Baja steak and Jack bowl


  • Baja chicken and bacon salad
  • Italian BMT salad 
  • Spicy Italian salad
  • Tuna salad
  • Rotisserie style chicken salad

Subway’s Breakfast Menu Prices 

Subway Club sandwichFoot long – $7.756-inch long- $4.75
Buffalo chicken sandwich Foot long – $7.756-inch long- $4.75
Meatball marinara sandwichFoot long – $5.506-inch long- $3.75
Sweet onion chicken teriyaki sandwichFoot long- $7.006-inch long- $4.75
Veggie delight sandwichFoot long – $5.506-inch long- $3.75
Rotisserie style chicken wrap$6.99 
Oven-roasted turkey wrap$6.99 
Cold cut combo wrap$6.99 
Buffalo chicken wrap $6.99 
All American club wrap$7.55
Baja chicken and bacon bowl$6.99 
Roast beef bowl$7.55
Oven-roasted Turkey bowl $6.99 
Subway club bowl$6.99 
Baja steak and Jack bowl$6.99 
Baja chicken and bacon salad$7.50
Italian BMT salad $6.00
Spicy Italian salad$6.00
Tuna salad$6.00
Chipotle chicken with guacamole$7.50

Is Subway’s Breakfast Menu worth it?

Subway has always been different from its competitors such as McDonald’s pizza hut Domino’s and Burger King. Most of the other fast-food chains only serve things that are high in calorie content and not healthy at all. But on the other hand, with Subway things are not the same.

It offers a large variety of sub sandwiches from which most of them are very healthy as they contain sliced raw vegetables rather than fried patties. So when we conclude, it is a clear statement that Subway’s Breakfast Menu is worth it for sure. 

Besides having healthy and delicious options on the breakfast menu the prices of each item is not as high as other fast-food chains. In both aspects, whether it is about price or taste, Subway makes a good impression so it is worth the money! 


In conclusion, Yes is the direct answer if your question is does the subways do breakfasts! Coming to the quality of food that they serve on the breakfast menu is from average to good. They have multiple options in their breakfast menu which makes it more appreciative. The prices of each dish are not as much as they should be and are medium. If you are thinking of having a healthy breakfast on a busy morning that is for sure an option. 

  1. Does Subway have burgers for breakfast? 

No, Subway does not serve burgers for breakfast. 

  1. At what time does the subway start serving breakfast? 

On weekdays, Subway starts serving breakfast from 7:00 a.m. and serves till 11:00 a.m.  

Does Subway Do Breakfast? – Know more

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