Discovery Plus on Amazon Prime

Discovery plus is a video channel in Amazon Prime hosted to present what Amazon customers want to watch- the best videos. Amazon plus is currently accessible through an App where you can watch your watch best shows and movies. The app can work with your phone. You can download it and start enjoying Amazon Plus.

Discovery Plus on Amazon Prime

Discovery plus brings you the best real-life entertainment including HGTV, TLC, Magnolia Network Animal Planet, Food Network, Investigation Discovery, and many more.

Exclusive benefits for Discovery Plus Users

• Watch your best shows 

• Over 200 new series must-see 90 Day Fiance moments
• Watch Exclusive  new series seen only at Discovery plus
• Tens of thousands of episodes and shows are updated all the time
• Watch with Ad or Ad-free option
• Watch the best and most educating natural history series such as Planet Earth and Frozen Planet
• Watch your favorite singers and get the first-hand video updates
• Ability to get up to five personal profiles
• Watch later video Saving
Start enjoying Discovery Plus with 7-day  free trial now.

How to add Discovery plus on Amazon Prime?

To enjoy the unique shows and movies, adding Discovery plus on Amazon Prime is for you. For subscribers of Amazon Prime, adding the Discovery plus is simpler. You can register directly by going to the Amazon Prime home page and clicking on Discovery plus which appears in the list of channels. 

You can continue by signing into Amazon prime using your personal details as requested. To use Discovery Plus, You will be charged $4.99 per month to watch with Adds. You can also subscribe for Add free experience at $6.99 per month.

More about Amazon Prime

There are huge number of Amazon subscribers who find it interesting to explore more about the exclusive Amazon prime, its values in it as well as the ease it brings to the existing products and services of the company. 

Amazon Prime is a type of subscription program designed by Amazon which try to connect its customers in various countries to its products and new services more easily. The program allows its customers to subscribe for premium freely for up to 30 days. 

Amazon Prime Plans

The Amazon prime program services includes delivery of goods to the customer in the same day of which they made their orders, one to two-day delivery and other products and services such as video, gaming, groceries shopping, streaming music and e-books. 

This services are made available on the Amazon Prime programs and can be subscribed any time and start enjoying. You can register from any country and your choice on products any service will be made available to you. Subscription may start from premium and continued on payment for any chosen package or directly register and enjoy the Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime benefits for subscribers

Subscribers of the Amazon Prime program enjoy free two-day shipping and other benefits such as music and video streaming. You can enjoy multiple other benefits on any package on Amazon prime. Here are some benefits you will enjoy after your subscription. 

1. Benefits on Delivery

FREE Two-Day Delivery:

Up to Millions of goods are available for your choice and remember delivery is free for Amazon Prime subscribers.

FREE One-Day Delivery:

You can make your selection for any product from the diverse goods at Amazon and be delivered to you in one day.

FREE Same-Day Delivery:

You can make your selection from “in select areas“ and reach the minimum qualifying product order of any bit more than $35 and receive it the same day. In this package, your orders ordinarily take hours to reach you.

FREE Ultrafast Grocery Delivery:

Under this package, subscribers of the Amazon Prime program enjoy free two-hour delivery on different groceries they select.

FREE No-Rush Shipping:

This service is made available for any product you choose which you seems to order with no urgency. 

Amazon Day:

Amazon day is just your day, it allows you to choose any day and Amazon delivers your orders in the chosen day.

Key by Amazon:

This allow your orders to be more secured as you wish and be delivered to you.  

2. Streaming Benefits

Amazon Prime provides you with the best and diverse movie you want to watch. You can always benefit from Amazon Prime as it is a pleasure zone. It brings to you different services and product to stream on, such as:

Prime Video: Prime video allows you to watch diverse popular and original movies at no extra cost. It is also made available to you to enjoy flexibly anywhere and anytime.

Prime Video Channels: Amazon established its channels such as HBO, SHOWTIME and STARZ channels. 

Amazon Music Unlimited: This brings to you unlimited access to over 75 million songs and millions of podcast episodes. You can listen to any song you like to, you search and find the latest song and listen.  

Prime Gaming: After subscribing to Amazon Prime you can always get access to up to date games freely. 

Amazon Photos: This service allow you to save, access and watch your photos any time with unlimited storage. It gives you the best resolution to watch your beautiful photos. Moreover, your photos can be backed up when you delete it as long as you initially saved it on Amazon photos. 

Amazon Kids: The Amazon Kids is one of the packages you can enjoying by registering in the Amazon Prime program. It allow your kids to access thousands of kid-friendly books, movies, educational apps and games of their liking. 

3. Shopping benefits

Subscribing to Amazon Prime gives you an opportunity to enjoy shopping benefits which includes: 

Prime Member Whole Foods Market: If you register for prime membership you can get exclusive discounts and offers on qualifying items for both in-store and online orders.

Prime Day: Subscribing on Amazon Prime allows you access to two-day annual shopping event whereby products are made available to be delivered on high discount rates. 

Prime Exclusive Deals: You can enjoy deals on your everyday purchases on thousands of items particularly for subscribers of Prime Exclusive.

Amazon Prime Secured Card: Getting an Amazon Prime secured card gives you the chance to get back 2% of all purchase costs on Amazon. 

Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card: This card allows you earn-back 5% of your purchase in values at and as well as in Whole Foods Market. 

Prime Early Access: Prime early access gives you the chance to get 30-minute early access to Lightning Deals on

Prime Try Before You Buy: This gives you the chance to pay only on what you keep on clothes, shoes, jewelry and accessories made at your disposal without any upfront payment.

Amazon Prime Store Card: In this, exclusive opportunity is given to you to earn-back 5% of your everyday purchases on 

Prime-Exclusive Shipping Benefits on Woot!: This allow subscribers of Amazon Prime to get free shipping on all Woot orders. You can loin your Amazon account and receive standard shipping without any charges.


Amazon invites you to enjoy the shows and movies with best experience at Discovery plus. You will get access to watch your best movies and shows firsthand with affordable charge of $4.99 and $6.99 for Add and no-Add user experience. Discovery plus is a plus to Amazon Prime. Subscribe now and enjoy the star experience.

Discovery Plus on Amazon Prime

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