What time does Kanki serve lunch?

 In 1972, Kanki Japanese House of Steaks and Sushi opened its doors to everyone. Kanki is available at 3 different locations in Raleigh at Crabtree Valley Mall, at Durham/Chapel hill on Mt. Moriah road, and in North Raleigh at North Market Square. Let’s discuss ‘What time does Kanki serve lunch?’.

What time does Kanki serve lunch?

What time does Kanki serve lunch?

Kanki restaurants are open by 11:30 – 12 P.M and are ready to serve Lunch by that time. Reservations can also be made on the official site of Kanki that is kanki.com for lunch as well as dinner. You can also walk in the restaurant and ask if there’s table available for the number of people you are with. The waiting time is just around 15-20 minutes. The restaurant usually starts getting busy by 12 so it is better to have a reservation earlier so that you don’t face any trouble.

 Kanki serves appetizers, entrees, specialities like banzai, samurai along with kid entrees. They also serve drinks like cocktails, beer, wine, and champagnes. For desserts they have a multiple options like cheesecake, pie, brownies, ice cream and sherbet.  

How to make a reservation at Kanki?

  • Go to their official website kanki.com. Click on the reservations option. 
  • Click on select restaurants option and select your nearest Kanki restaurant.
  • Now select the Date and Time you want to dine in.
  •  After selecting the Date and Time click on find a table. 
  • After this step the website will show the available slots for that time and date.
  • When you select your slot you need to fill your details. And then you have your slot booked for dine in. 

How much does it cost for 2 people at Kanki?

Usually it costs for about 70 dollars for 2 people. Reviewers on the trip advisor, Grub Hub, foursquare sometimes review Kanki about having good food at some decent prices, and that too on special nights/hour. As it seems that they may have increased some of their prices recently. But the quality of the food is still top notch as the customers prefer visiting Kanki for some dinner or lunch regularly ignoring the increase in the prices. The hospitality and the services are outstanding and amazing.  

Is Kanki a good restaurant to dine in?

If you ever look to have a great time with your family and friends be it for birthday dinners, family get together or even date nights Kanki offers a very unique dining experience.

 Kanki has 3 different branches. Kanki truly gives you an unforgettable memory and a unique experience when you dine in. You are given a warm welcome by the friendly staff and seated at a large table that surrounds one of their Teppan grills. In fact, they have been voted by the triangle as the “Best Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar in the triangle” for 14 years back to back. All the dishes like steak, hibachi chicken shrimps, scallops along with rice and some veggies. The fun part is watching the chef chop and dice your meal expertly with a knife providing you a mealtime entertainment on your table.


Kaneki Japanese House of Steaks and Sushi is a good place to spend time with your family and friends. In fact Kanki Japanese House of Steaks is the choice for triangle’s hibachi lunch or dinner. The cooking in front of you keeps you entertained and the food has been excellent and tasty. The staff is very friendly with the guests and make sure that you have problems regarding anything with your food and services. 

Frequently asked questions
  1. Does Kaneki offer any gluten-free items?

The restaurant does not have a whole gluten-free menu, but it offers some gluten-free options that are available.

  1. What special thing does Kaneki do for birthdays?

Kaneki offers a free dinner to the person. But the condition being that they need to buy another meal with it that should be of the equal or greater value. So it is more like a buy 1 get 1 deal. 

  1. Do they cook all the dishes in front of you?

All the Teppanyaki dishes like hibachi steak, shrimps, scallops etc are prepared by the chef on the Teppan grills in front your eyes. 

  1. What are the rating of Kaneki?

Kaneki has a review of about 4.0/5 on trip advisor, 4.3/5 on Grub Hub, and 8.5/10 on Foursquare. 

  1. Is Kanki currently accepting orders?

Yes, you can book your table on the kanki.com or open table by selecting the date and time. But due to local restrictions, it is possible that they may not be accepting any reservations at the moment. 

  1. When was the first Kanki opened?

The first Kanki restaurant was opened in 1972 at the Crabtree Valley Mall that became so popular they decided to open 2 more.

What time does Kanki serve lunch?

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