What Is Amazon Alexa? – Know More

We have got a brilliant assistant with us in the form of Amazon Alexa. Read on to find out how this innovation helps make our lives comfortable and better. 

Alexa was released on November 6, 2014, by Amazon. It is Artificial Intelligence or virtual assistant found or can be installed in Amazon Echo, Echo dot, Fire TV, etc. devices. It is capable of listening, interacting, and performing various other tasks. It is available in nearly nine different languages. It would be best if you had Android version 4.4 or later to operate Alexa and iOS version 5.5.

What is Amazon Alexa?

What is the purpose of Amazon Alexa?

Alexa plays a large part in intelligent homes.

People generally buy Alexa with the perspective of listening to music or hearing it speak as some new technology has flourished in this world. Still, Alexa has various colorful objectives than this. It usually attracts people because of its ability to interact with humans and its fast user interface. It can answer questions within seconds, set a timer, stream music, listen to podcasts, hear audiobooks, set up alarms, etc. Alexa is easily accessible in cars, and applications such as Spotify; YouTube are convenient to use. Alexa can be set up quickly at home. These days children are very much fascinated by such devices, and they can serve as a pool for bedtime stories for kids and help little grown-ups with their homework, studies, etc. It is so easy to use those children; adults can easily access it. 

How to set up Alexa? 

Step 1 Download the Alexa application on your smartphone and keep it updated. 

Step 2 Make sure to plug in your Echo dot in the socket or device and switch it on. 

Step 3 Enable your Wi-Fi on your smartphone. Then, open the Alexa application on your mobile, and you’ll get a notification on your device like Echo is ready to set up.

(In case you don’t get the notification.) Just click on tap more, Add a device, and select Amazon Echo or Echo dot. 

Step 4 Now, once you’ve connected to Alexa. Another thing is to connect Alexa to your Wi-Fi as well. 

Step 5 Alexa is now ready to operate on an internet connection. 

How to use Alexa?

Once your smartphone is connected to the plugged-in Amazon Echo device, you need to call out by its name or some particular word such as Amazon or Alexa. These words are also known as the wake word, and you can change the wake word as well according to your preference. Alexa will respond after hearing your voice. Now you can give her instructions similar to playing music or asking her to google something. You can set Alexa in a whisper mode, where you’ll hear her voice in a whisper.

This is a great function that We can use during the mornings after waking up. When one is not willing to listen to a voice at a loud sound or just before sleeping, whisper mode can be enabled and instructed to play some light music or hear some story and can be turned off after ten or twenty minutes. This prevents the user from switching on and off the device before sleeping. Alexa is an excellent tool for alarms and reminders and can be used for bedtime and night routine. Alexa has a huge role in smart homes as one can operate Alexa in lamps and instructs switching them on or off. 

What else can Alexa do?

Amazon is one of those companies constantly trying to improve the skills of various devices, including Alexa. Another essential feature is that Alexa continuously learns and hears conversations even if it’s not used within that period. It tends to record conversations or voices as well. There are enormous things Alexa can do.

Another paid feature of Alexa is Alexa Guard, which acts like a security guard for you. In case you’re not home. It records all the activities and unusual sounds, for example, something breaking down at your home, and sends a notification on your smartphone to alert you about all suspicious activities happening behind your back. Alexa is not only a source of entertainment, but a source of security and makes your home more digital. Alexa is the source of immortal knowledge as it defines the real meaning of the word smart. 


Alexa is a fantastic tool to control your home and day-to-day activities, making life easier. It is a technology fountain with entertainment and security, good for listening to music, news, etc.; Amazon Echo or Echo dot are high-quality speakers or other devices. The perfect blend of so many features available in one device. It serves a vast library getting enriched daily. 

Frequently Asked Question 

Q1) Is there a monthly fee for Alexa?

Ans) No, Alexa is a one-time purchase and has no fee, but Amazon Prime membership has monthly or yearly charges, and you can enjoy free music with the same. 

Q2) Does Alexa need an internet connection?

Ans) Yes, of course, Alexa needs an internet connection. Wi-Fi is the best option on which Alexa can rely. 

Q3) What is the difference between Alexa and Echo?

Ans) Alexa is Artificial Intelligence or a voice coming out of the speaker, just like Google has its own Google Assistant. On the other hand, Echo is a device or a speaker through which Alexa can interact. 

Q4) What happens to Alexa voice recording? Where do they go?

Ans) Alexa record the conversation, as we all know, and is saved in cloud memory. It retains the voice recordings for thirty days, and after thirty days, it requests you or sends a notification and asks for your permission to save recordings. And after thirty days, if you choose not to save the recordings. It will automatically erase all the voice recordings from the cloud. 

Q5) Can Alexa still listen to me even if the device isn’t plugged in?

Ans) No, Alexa can’t hear you when the device is off. You first need to plug in and switch on the device and use the wake word for Alexa to start operating again.

What Is Amazon Alexa? – Know More

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