Stores Like Daiso Near Me

Daiso Industries is a major franchise company that has established a 100-yen shop in Japan. The head office is located in Higashi-Hiroshima prefecture, Hiroshima prefecture. The brand mainly emphasizes products related to household items such as kitchen utensils, cleaning utensils, and some aesthetic stationaries. Daiso products are known and popular amongst children and teenagers because of their cute stuff. Daiso differs from the other brands due to its high-quality, cute, and sophisticated products. This article elaborates on some stores like Daiso, such as Kawaii, MINISO, Smiggle, Hakubundo, and Muji.

Stores Like Daiso Near Me

Products Sold By Daiso

Daiso sells a wide variety of aesthetic products, making them different from other stores. They have quality products. The brand mainly emphasizes Japanese products, from folk craft toys to cute plushies. Experience Japanese culture with DAISO’s extraordinary product line-up of traditional goods   

Daiso offers a wide range of convenient and unique products such as kitchenware, travel goods, stationery, groceries, and snacks. Surprisingly, today’s Daiso store also sells many beauty products, including make-up, skincare, and other valuable items, which offer excellent value for money.

Stores Like Daiso

Daiso has more than 100,000 products, more than 40% imported from China, South Korea, and Japan. But, there are very similar stores to Daiso. These are stores similar to Daiso and maintain the same aesthetic in their stores. They also have their websites from which you can buy products online.  

The following are a few stores like Daiso:


Kawaii means cute, friendly, and adorable in Japanese. The cuteness culture is viral in South Asian countries and is expanding worldwide. Kawaii aesthetics has become a prominent aspect of Japanese popular culture and is widely spreading and becoming popular amongst the people of other countries.

The stores of Kawaii also include clothing, food, toys, personal appearance, and peculiarities that are aesthetic and cute. The cute concept has influenced various products, including Hi-Chew, Koala’s March, and candies such as Hello Panda. In the kawaii stores, you can find cute items almost everywhere that will enhance your aesthetics.

Companies of all sizes use cute mascots to open their products and services to the public. The store has a crazy fan following of the animated stuff collectors who generally collect cute kinds of stuff. Due to the significant influence of Japanese, South Korean, and many of the south Asian culture amongst the young generation, people buy more stuff like these and wants to collect them.


MINISO is a Japanese household brand that emphasizes the good, cosmetics, skincare, and food trade with high-quality household goods, cosmetics, and food. MINISO has opened more than 4,200 stores in almost 80 countries, including countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Spain, United Arab Emirates, India, and Mexico.

The brand believes in a ‘better life is not related to price’ in Miniso. Hence they provide a wide range of products at very reasonable prices. MINISO worked and partnered with World Famous brands, such as Coca-Cola, Marvel, Hello Kitty, Sesame Street, Mickey, Minnie, Pink Panther. As a result, the brand consists of one of the most flexible retail business models worldwide to almost 80 countries.

The brand has world Class Supply Chain Sourcing Materials and Manufacturing from their Franchise Operation Structure-The store often shelf. The customer here is attracted to the trendiest products. MINISO is also a famous store and is widely popular amongst the people of various countries. The brand brings shoppers high-quality, stylish and affordable products that are widely used by people in stores and other countries.   

MINISO provides a wide range of product categories that include skincare products, make-up products, home furnishings, home décor products, cute and affordable digital accessories, stationery, kitchenware, and more.


Smiggle is an Australian-based brand. Smiggle has a retail chain that sells stationery and related products targeting mainly kids and teenagers as their consumers. The brand was first established in Melbourne in 2003. It was acquired by Just Group in July 2007. Smiggle is known for its vibrant, bold colors and whimsical graphics on most branded products.

Smiggle brand was founded by Stephen Meurs and Peter Pausewang who learned and observed that there was a gap in the market for fun, attractive, collectible, and affordable stationery for children and teenagers. In late 2002, Meurs began designing, developing, and manufacturing the first Smiggle stationery, and Kate Martino was appointed to scout the appropriate retail stores around Melbourne.

They chose the name ‘Smiggle’ as a mix of two words smile and giggle which indicates the goal of the brand to provide smiles and laughter to their customers. In addition to retailing, the brand wanted to grow and expand its market to wholesale, so the store was late for the trade fair in Sydney in just two the streets in preparation.

Smiggle is known for its innovative design in all its products and color that is very attractive to kids. It is said to have filled the gap in the Australian stationery market for ‘fashionable and bold stationery.’ Smiggle products come in a variety of bright colors and are generally targeted at children and other young demographics. However, it may vary depending on the product because there are a lot of color variations and it is in stock outside the color block of the store.


Hakubundo was founded in Hawaii in the year 1910. A one-stop store for Japanese products such as books and magazines, stationery, anime, characters, and made in Hawaii. Hakubundo was founded in Hawaii in 1910. A one-stop store for Japanese products such as books and magazines, stationery, anime, characters, and made in Hawaii.

In 1910 the store opened its doors in Hawaii. This store has become an important resource for connecting local Japanese plantation workers to their roots. In 2012, the store moved the store to an existing location in Ward Village. The store opened a second location in Ward Center. Recently, the store opened the door to what is now the Pearl Ridge Center.


MUJI is a Japanese retail company that sells various household goods. MUJI believes in minimalistic, simple products and focuses on recycling the waste in production, and believes in the least packaging waste, and brand-free policies. The name MUJI comes from the first part of MUJI when is translated it means No Brand Quality Goods.

Muji started in 1980 with only 40 to 50 products. They have some of the cutest and different variety of products that include a variety of stationery products like pens, pencils, notebooks, storage units. They also include kitchen appliances, food items, and household care products. 

The primary business of the brand also includes Café MUJI, Meal MUJI, home furnishing, and many other kinds of stuff. The company has also engaged in architectural projects such as MUJI House which fascinates people very much.

In the 2000s, MUJI was selling more than 7,000 different products and had kept the retail prices of products affordable so that people can afford their products.  

American operations

In early 2002 MUJI had opened several stores in the united states of America. Since November 2018 there are 5 shops in Manhattan. The brand opened its store in northern New Jersey and one in Boston. MUJI opened 6 shops in California and one in Portland. The brand announced the opening of stores in JFK International Airport, and another location in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.


Daiso is a major franchise company that has established a 100-yen shop in Japan. Daiso has more than 100,000 products. Daiso products are known and popular amongst children and teenagers because of their cute stuff. The kind of Japanese-influenced stuff that is the main attraction amongst the crowd can be seen in others stores like Kawaii, MINISO, Smiggle, Hakubundo, Muji.

Frequently Asked Questions  

What Is More Affordable But Similar To The Daiso Store?  

MINISO is also a Japanese brand that is more similar to Daiso. MINISO as a brand is very affordable and brings good quality products at an affordable price. Here you will get a similar variety of products such as Daiso.

In How Many Countries Are Daiso Stores Available?  

Daiso as a brand expanded to 25 countries. Daiso has 3,620 stores in Japan, and nearly 2,300 stores overseas in Australia, Bahrain, Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Israel, Kuwait, Macau, Malaysia, South Korea, and more.

Stores Like Daiso Near Me

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