Toppings Available in Subway

Have you ever gone to Subway and got confused at what toppings to choose from? You must have at least once, and we are pretty sure about that! Well, there are several toppings at Subway, and choosing your favorite one while standing there can be difficult. There are different toppings at different outlets so you can check the availability of your favorite one. But what to choose?

So, to solve your problem, we are listing the toppings you can find at Subway below. That is not the only thing we are going to talk about, so be with us till the end to know more about the different options you have for making your sandwich.

Toppings Available in Subway

Toppings which are available at Subway:

There are a lot of toppings, so without wasting any time, let’s start reading about them.

First of all, the vegetable toppings you can choose from are-

1. Jalapenos

2. Olives

3. Baby spinach

4. Lettuce

5. Onions

6. Tomatoes

7. Cucumbers

8. Banana peppers

9. Green peppers

10. Pickles

11. Oil and vinegar

But all these toppings are subjected to availability. All the outlets and franchises of subway might not have the same toppings. So, if you do not find any one of these in the nearby subway, do not be disheartened. Try something new instead!

Some other veggie toppings that might be available in your nearby subways are-

1. Carrots

2. Pickle chips

3. Avocado

4. Guacamole

These were some other toppings that you might like to try!


Moving towards the sauces available at Subway, we are enlisting the available sauces that you may like. These are-

1. Mustard sauce

2. Chipotle Southwest Sauce

3. Ranch Sauce

4. Barbecue Sauce

5. Savoury Caesar Sauce

6. House Sandwich Sauce

7. Tomato Sauce

These were some of the most commonly preferred sauces. But there are many more, and you can have them in your Subway if you want to try anything new.

1. Marinara Sauce (Love to try something new? Then try this.)

2. Sweet Onion Sauce

3. Honey Mustard Sauce (So many people are a fan of this! No cap!)

4. Sweet Chilly

5. Sicara

6. Garlic Aioli

Some of these sauces might not be available near you but mostly must be there. And if you are on a trip or something, try different subs with different sauces and veggies.

Different types of Cheese:

Well, we have talked about most of the toppings. But aren’t we forgetting something? Yes, “Cheese.”

Just like various veggies, there are different types of cheese available at Subway. But to choose from them, we should know about them first. So let’s start-

1. American Cheese (This cheese will go with any toppings. If you are playing safe, choose this.)

2. Parmesan

3. Mozzarella

4. Monterey Cheddar

5. Feta

6. Monterey Jack

These all toppings were great for vegetarians but what about the people who want meat etc?

Do not stress as Subway also has many non-vegetarian options but not all of them have the same options. Some of these are- chicken, salami, turkey, bacon, pepperoni, etc.

Different types of Bread:

While talking about the toppings, we cannot forget about the bread at Subway. Bread is the main thing that is going to add flavor to your sub.

So let’s talk about the different types of bread that you can choose for your sub. These are-

1. Multi-grain flatbread

2. Italian

3. 9-Grain honey oat bread

4. Italian herbs & cheese

5. Rye bread

6. Jalapeño cheese

The other available bread that you can find in nearby Subway are-

1. Roasted Garlic

2. Rye Bread

3. Wheat bread

4. White bread

5. Flatbread

Doesn’t the names of the bread make your mouth water? Give a try to each of the bread or ask your friends for recommendations.

And if you want gluten-free bread then many subways have that option too. You can enjoy your food while keeping yourself healthy!


There are so many options at Subway to choose from that one can get confused easily. Even after knowing what to choose, one might feel conflicted about the toppings or the bread. 

To make sure that you are not wasting your time there, we will recommend you to know a little bit about Subway’s toppings and bread. And if you do not know your favorite sub yet, try different combinations and we are sure you will find the one made for you!

Some faqs about Subway toppings-

  1. Is Subway healthier than fast-food?

Subway is slightly healthier but, it depends on the type of things you are adding to your sandwich.

  1. Do all Subways have gluten-free bread?

No, all the Subways do not have gluten-free bread. 

  1. Do I get free veggies in my sandwich at Subway?

Yes, but confirm with them so that there is no problem later.

  1. Can I get free meat for my subway?

No, you will have to pay extra for meat.

Toppings Available in Subway

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