How to return google fiber equipment?

Alphabet Inc. Launched its access division Google fiber which is providing broadband internet and IPTV to an increasing number of locations. Seeing the statistics, around 2016 google fiber had 68k television subscribers and 453,000 broadband subscribers.  Here we will see about How to return google fiber equipment?

How to return google fiber equipment?

Google Fiber devices or types of equipment offered by the company are:

  • Fiber Jack gives a gigabit connection to your router and distributes it faster.
  • Network Box has four gigabit Ethernet ports where one can plug in computers to get the highest speeds.
  • Storage Devices (DVR) contain two sub-equipments i.e.  Storage Box and Network+Box.
  • TV Boxes are the special devices that are used to power TV Services.
  • Remote Control can be used in both infrared and Bluetooth modes which come with your Google Fiber TV system. 
  •  Phone Box includes a phone jack which is one of the widely used equipments of google fiber.

Now, If there comes a need of returning, then there are two reasons why you have to return your google fiber equipment, and the process of returning is also mentioned below:

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If you’re moving or canceling your service and need to return your Google Fiber equipment, you can do so by following the instructions below. 

First, you’ll need to schedule a return pickup by signing in to your account and going to the Cancellation confirmation page. Then, on your scheduled pickup day, make sure to have your equipment ready to go and a valid photo ID with you when the technician arrives.If you have a Google Fiber account, then you have to sign in. And if you don’t have an account, you have to create one for the further process because you will need your Google Fiber account to sign in to your TV.

Next, visit the Returns page.

To return an item, first, find the order in your Order History. Then, select the Return Item button for the item you wish to return. Then, select the equipment you want to return and follow the instructions. Then to return your equipment, you have to print a return label from the UPS website.

You’ll need to print a return label and attach it to the box. 

Then, schedule a pickup or drop off of the equipment at a UPS location. And to do this, go to the ‘Return a Package’ page, enter your reference number and the email address you used to create your return and select ‘Create Return Label.’Once you have your label attach it to the box and schedule a pickup or drop off the equipment at a UPS location.

That’s it! Once the company receives your equipment, they’ll process the return and credit your account.

If you are a Google Fiber customer, you will need to return your equipment to Google once your service is terminated.

Google Fiber customers must return their equipment to Google once their service is terminated. This guide will provide you the instructions on how to properly pack and return the equipment.

First, you have  to gather all of the equipment that Google fiber provided to you at the time of installation which includes the fiber jack, the router, and the power cord. Next, you will need to package the equipment securely for shipping. Original packaging or another box can be used for returning. Finally, you will need to schedule a pick-up with Google fiber or drop the package off at a UPS location.

How can you return Google Fiber equipment?

The two ways of returning google fiber equipment:

  1. Via Email: You have the option of returning your google fiber equipment through the mail. You can use USPS for Cancellation and FedX for upgrading the plan as they are partnered with Google fiber.
  1. In-Person Return: You can return google fiber in person to any of the nearest google fiber locations by visiting them.This option is also given for the customer’s convenience.


You will get perks like shipping costs with the provided label free and you will be responsible for any optional packaging supplies or services purchased. According to the Google Fiber Return Policy, you have to return the equipment  within 60 days after you cancel or upgrade your plan.One needs to comply with these rules if they want a successful return.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. What will happen if you do not return Google fiber equipment?

Ans. Failing in returning your google fiber equipment will lead you to certain consequences and is considered a break of contract also you will be billed the amount equivalent to the price of equipment.

Q2. Which equipment do I need to return to Google fiber after canceling or upgrading the plan?

Ans. Following is the list of equipment to be returned :

  • Google Fiber Mesh Extender
  • Phone Box
  • Google Wi-Fi device or Network Box
  • Google Fiber Router
  • Google Fiber modem
  • NVIDIA SHIELD Streaming Box
  • Storage Box.
How to return google fiber equipment?

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