YouTube TV VS Sling TV – Know more

YouTube and Sling TV are two of the most popular channels of entertainment that are available today for the general public. In today’s world, many people have cut down on their cable services for many reasons but this has indeed become the new trend. Therefore, for those who have done so and still want some entertainment on their screens via the various firesticks and other things, this article is for you. Other than the Disney Hot star, Netflix and Amazon Prime which are good sources of entertainment in sports and others, there are certain non-Tv channels as well. The top two in this category stand out to be YouTube and Sling TV. While comparing options for your non-TV live channel browser, the best match can be narrowed down to YouTube and Sling TV. These options are considered the best for the quality of entertainment and channels it offers in sports and other fields. However, the main difference between the YouTube TV and the Sling TV narrows down to be the price variation. While the channels offered by YouTube and Sling TV are more or less the same, the YouTube TV is available at a much higher cost than Sling TV. If money isn’t a cause or an issue, then YouTube TV has an excellent range of channels and its quality is amazing. This is mainly because of the high-quality cloud DVR that is present on the YouTube TV channels. In this article we shall speak about YouTube TV VS Sling TV

YouTube TV VS Sling TV

Difference between the two.

YouTube TV is a cable network replacement you must pick if you aren’t looking at the dollars and want class and high standard quality of entertainment. Its user’s face is friendly and easy to use as well. The search option on YouTube TV works amazingly well and is as good as Google in this aspect. It searches and gives you just the precise options. However, the Sling TV on the other hand is known for its budget-friendly package. Most of the channels available on YouTube TV are also available on Sling TV except for a few local channels. 

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YouTube TV-

As mentioned, YouTube TV is the standard platform for non-cable live TV streaming and services. It is the best option for those who aren’t worried about the cost and the price of a subscription. The quality and top-notch services of entertainment provided by YouTube TV are like no other and are the best. The excellent cloud DVR is also the most notable feature that YouTube has in comparison to other platforms. Although many channels and services are available today, each competing with the other, YouTube TV has remained on the top for a very long time now. It is available for subscription at $65 per month.  

Sling TV

Available at a very minimum and affordable cost of $35 per month, the Sling TV is the best option for most of the channels that are available except a few local shows for a decent price. There is a specific package of Sling TV that is available and is a good match in front of the famous YouTube TV. There is no coming back once you get addicted to such tempting offers and a good deal in return. 

Sling Orange ($35)Sling Blue ($35)Sling Orange & Blue ($50)YouTube TV ($65)
See at SlingSee at SlingSee at SlingSee at YouTube TV
Number of popular channels (out of 100)25364179
Locals includedNoNBC and Fox in select citiesNBC and Fox in select citiesABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and PBS in most markets
Simultaneous streams13up to 43 ($20 for unlimited)

Comparison between YouTube TV and Sling TV-

Sling TV is available at a very low cost and it has many offers and discounts. They have three available packages called the Blue, Orange and Orange Blue packages. These packages start at $35 and end at $50 which is quite a good price with various combinations of channels available. Whereas on the other hand, YouTube TV has fixed deals with not many offers and discounts available. 


After careful consideration and comparison of the two best non-cable TV service providers that are greatly used today, the notable takeaways are for the best variety of channels and all ranges of entertainment, the go-to option is YouTube TV. For those who cannot afford this, Sling TV is the next good option for a better price and availability of all basic channels. YouTube TV is; however, the master of service providers and it is indeed unbeatable in terms of channels list and variety. These are the pros and cons of switching your cable services and replacing them with either YouTube TV or Sling TV. Surely both of them will live up to your expectations of good entertainment services.


Q) What are the main disadvantages or cons of the mighty YouTube TV?

A) YouTube TV is considered a standard source of non-cable services that provides entertainment and various channels for recreation purposes. To criticize any point about YouTube TV is tough indeed. However, it is surely expensive for the general public and is not the first option for many. Its expensive cost and its limited RSN coverage are the main flipsides of YouTube TV that can be listed. However, the wide range of channels of all kinds that it provides is truly fascinating for the people and they find YouTube TV services worth the amount of money.

Q) What are the disadvantages or cons of subscribing to a Sling TV package for entertainment?  

A) As already mentioned above Sling TV is the best choice for people who have a limited budget. Hence its major disadvantage lies in the fact that it provides the basic channels and entertainment sources for a basic and affordable price. They request you to shell out more money to purchase any add-on packages for better channels and more variety. They don’t come with many local shows and channels that are available on their basic channels package. 

YouTube TV VS Sling TV – Know more

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